Tom Bateman stars in this period drama set in 18th Century Delhi. A homage to colonial India; where Indiana Jones meets Jane Austin. BEECHAM HOUSE is full of mystery and intrigue.

John Beecham (Tom Bateman), who looks at times like Indiana Jones (sorry but he does), has left the East India Company and wishes to make a home at Beecham House with his family.  He is desperate to dispel the past memories which haunt him, and make a new future as an honest trader. However, from the off you can tell that there secrets and plenty of intrigue looming.


In episode one, John arrives with a baby who turns out to be his son; along with an entourage who look after this child. There is gossip aplenty among the servants, who all speculate who the mother is of this ‘native’ baby. We are further intrigues by the erotic dreams that the lead character has. Is there a Mrs Beecham? Where is she? Clearly John Beecham is breaking boundaries, fathering the child ‘August’.

Then his mother arrives from England. Henrietta Beecham (Leslie Nichols) is a formidable force of nature. She makes it clear in no time, that she is the lady of the house. She is accompanied by Violet (Bessie Carter) whom she intends marrying off to her son.

However, John has his eyes on a neighbors governess; the lovely Miss Osborne (Dakota Blue Richards), who is also being pursued by General Castillion. Oh how I do love a good old love triangle!

In episode two Daniel, John’s roguish brother moves in, a ladies man and clearly one to watch. I think he is certain to add some spice to what may have otherwise been a dull homage to colonial India.

Then whilst all are still speculating over August’s mother, a beautiful Indian woman arrives and has everyone even more confused. This mystery woman clearly knows the child and acts as if she should be the lady of the house. She ruffles a few feathers; especially that of Henrietta Beecham. “Is she your wife?” accuses Mrs Beecham in a very condescending way.

The mystery woman it turns out is the child’s aunt; and John declares that he is widowed. Although I kind of did not believe this; and think that we will find out otherwise as the series goes on.

Beecham House contains some quite interesting characters and I am sure that it will get better in the weeks to follow. I do like Henrietta Beecham and her bossy nature is quite endearing. The love triangle should be interesting and I wonder who Miss Osborne will choose. John Beecham is certainly a lucky man having so many women vying for his attention. Daniel is a lovable rogue who you just know is going to cause some trouble as the drama enfolds.

All in all a watchable drama that I believe has great potential to be quite good.

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