Border Force: AMERICA'S GATEKEEPERS is the latest installation in the history of border security shows. Keeping in line with its predecessors such as Nothing to Declare and UK Border Force, it follows a number of stories during the episode.

The show focuses on the border between Texas and Mexico which is defined by the Rio Grande and the difficulties Customs and Immigration officers face as they struggle to win against cartels in the ongoing war on drugs.


The episode cuts in between four main stories: a red pickup truck suspected of smuggling drugs out of America and into Mexico that results in almost 30kg of marijuana being seized by officials; a van that was turned back by Mexican border officials as the driver was unable to open his van and is suspected of smuggling money; a woman who failed to declare controlled prescription medication and is then at risk of being placed under arrest by local authorities; the transportation of a Sicario cartel hitman being returned to Mexico on suspicion of murder.

For the majority of the program there is an air of seriousness as the producers highlights the important role these officials play in keeping the United States safe from cartels and drug smugglers. However there are moments of amusement with the van owner who was suspected of smuggling money for a cartel, being cleared of all suspicion - having to drive home and almost certainly having to fix the door of his van. His story ended by the viewer learning that he has said that he will now carry two keys to his van as this was the trigger for him being suspect in the first place.

There are other moments that highlight the naivety of American tourists with the woman who failed to declare prescription medication purchased in Mexico, questioning why the pharmacy in Mexico would have sold her that medication if it was a controlled substance and the border officials having to explain multiple times that the pharmacy was simply trying to make a sale in the first place.

We as viewers get an insight into how not only the Customs and Immigration Officers go about their job, but it also gives us an idea of just how creative cartels can get in order to smuggle drugs and cash across the border both into and out of America.

In addition, the show highlights some of the dangers their job entails in the fight against these cartels.

America's Gatekeepers, is an informative and interesting program with a heavy focus on the difficulties that officials face patrolling such a large amount of border, with 28 bridges that allow traffic to and from Mexico.

- Watched on Dave. 05/10/2018