Since the announcement trailer of 11.22.63, I have been counting down the days of this show. The series started broadcasting having already been in America on Hulu.

The Fox sci-fi thriller is based on a book by Stephen King. A teacher, Jake Epping (James Franco) from Maine is given the opportunity by a dyeing cafe owner to travel back in time, with the hope of stopping the assassination of JF Kennedy.

Cafe owner Al (Chris Cooper) explains the whole idea of the series to Jake at the start. He can walk into the wardrobe, go back to 11:58 on October 21 1960 and can remain there for as long as he wishes (whether it is days, months or years). When Jake returns it will have only changed two minutes in real time. Changes in the past will alter the present but if Jake returns to the wardrobe, all changes are reset.

Seeing the way the series demonstrates 1960 is impressive. Everything from the cars, clothes, hairstyles to the music is a joy.

Throughout the debut episode, Jake (now known as James Amberson in 1960) has characters coming up to him and saying bluntly, "You shouldn't be here." Although Al plays these occurrences down, it soon becomes clear that they are trying to warn Jake off. It adds a bit of darkness and obviously shows the past can danger the main character.

I really enjoyed the scenes where Epping was trying to meddle with the past. Instantly it defends itself by throwing obstacles in the way. Mass brawls, a deadly house fire and even a car flying into a telephone box. They are clear signs that the 60s don't want to be changed.

Towards the climax, Jake is attending a Vote Kennedy event to track George de Mohrenschildt. Al thought that George could be the handler for Lee Harvey Oswald (who assassinates JF). It's a superb scene which ends with a chase and with Jake having to pretend he's a huge JF fan.

11.22.63 has a great plot so far and promises plenty of intriguing moments. The cast has a number of big names to come including Sarah Gadon and George Mackay. I'll certainly be watching with interest.