Spoilers for upcoming broadcasts of Channel 5 series Neighbours - episodes to appear on television between 28 January to 01 February 2019.


  • Episode airs on 28 January 2019

After collapsing in pain, Toadie insists Sonya go to the hospital and get checked out. Assuming the pain is related to Alice’s poisoning, Sonya is booked in for a colonoscopy, but is surprised when the specialist suggests an ultrasound while she waits. Sonya ropes Karl in for answers – and learns she’s got a cyst on her ovary.

Chloe refuses to speak to Mel and insists Aaron tell her to leave Erinsborough. A concerned Aaron meets up with Mel, while Mark sends in Elly to check on Chloe. The messy backstory finally emerges: Chloe and Mel had an intense relationship that Chloe decided to end when they were running a subletting business in Jamaica. Mel did not take it well, stealing all Chloe’s things and leaving her with nothing except a new business loaded down with debt. Mel’s remorse ultimately wins overs Aaron, and when Elly admits even the sanest of people do crazy things when they’re in love - Chloe agrees to hear Mel out.


  • Episode airs on 29 January 2019

Mel apologises to Chloe for her actions, claiming it came from her heartbreak over Chloe not reciprocating her love – something which has resonance for Chloe off the back of her feelings for Elly. Mel says if Chloe doesn’t want her in Erinsborough she’ll leave. Mel makes friends with David, Amy and Mark, hoping if she wins them over, it will help her cause. Amy finds herself warming to Mel and tells Chloe that sometimes exes can turn around, giving Liam as an example. Elly encourages Chloe to be open to a relationship with Mel.

Sonya is nervous about going into surgery, and the potential of a hysterectomy if things get complicated. But Sonya puts on a brave face and makes plans to help Nell get ready for her first day at school once the procedure is done. Toadie also tries to downplay his nervousness, respecting Sonya’s wishes not to tell anyone outside Karl, Shane and Dipi about the procedure. The surgery goes ahead. Karl is pulled aside by a colleague who did the operation who has bad news. Sonya wakes up and Karl tells her and Toadie that a medical oncologist wants to see them.



  • Episode airs on 30 January 2019

Sonya, Toadie and Karl reel with the shock of Sonya’s diagnosis. But Sonya immediately goes into battle mode, determined to do whatever it takes and begins preparing for treatment. Karl insists on remaining part of Sonya’s medical team, but is clearly affected by the news. Sonya asks Toadie if he can keep it secret for the meantime.

Terese is missing being around Paul and finding excuses to be in his orbit, trying to provoke their usual sparky interactions. However Paul is keeping his distance at Piper’s insistence, despite how difficult it is to keep away. Terese vents to Piper about Paul’s standoffishness, finally pushing Piper to admit she’s the one who ordered Paul to stay away.

It’s the day of Mark’s appeal to get back onto the force, and he isn’t thrilled to find Toadie has passed off the job to another lawyer.


  • Episode airs on 31 January 2019

Although Terese is livid with Piper for interfering in her relationships, Piper’s concerns over Terese’s commitment to Leo set Terese on a path to re-evaluate what she wants. She sets the record straight with Paul, making it clear that he shouldn’t keep his distance. But when Paul starts pushing to know what Terese blurted out in hospital, Terese covers and escapes but there’s clearly a stirring of longing for one another.

With Elly’s Hen’s night approaching, Chloe and Bea find they’re on opposite pages about what the perfect party entails and Elly finds herself in an uncomfortable spot, needing to decide between their vying ideas. Bea’s put out, feeling like everything (her job and the role she plays in her sister’s life) is changing too fast.

With Chloe keeping Mel at arm’s length, Mel sets her sights on the business possibilities Erinsborough holds for a savvy real estate agent like herself, singling out the Robinson Pines development as her golden ticket. Nervous Amy is preparing a sales pitch event for the development and is putting a lot of pressure on herself to make sure it goes off without a hitch, determined not to let Paul down. Mel catches on to Amy’s anxieties and senses a chance to break through. Mel goes behind Chloe’s back, accessing her work computer. What is Mel playing at?


  • Episode airs on 01 February 2019

While Amy prepares for her important Robinson Pines event, Gary has his own busy day planned. Urged by Sheila, he’s lined up some job interviews, determined to start making himself a man worthy of the woman he loves. Amy is caught unawares when prospective buyers turn up for her meet-and-greet several hours early, thanks to Mel’s surreptitious tweak of the email advertising the event. Panicking, she instinctively reaches out to Gary, who drops everything to come to her aid. Mel takes advantage of the chaos to offer her services, proving herself to be an adept sales person. Paul is so impressed he offers her a role on the project, working under Amy.

Privately worried about Chloe and Elly’s continuing intimacy, Aaron encourages Chloe to expand her social circle beyond Elly and perhaps give Mel a chance. Realising she’s been pushing too hard with Chloe, Mel tells her the ball is in her court. After seeing Mel shine at the meet-and-greet, Chloe invites her out for drinks to celebrate, reneging on an arrangement to catch up with Elly. Chloe and Mel have a fun time, full of hijinks and continue to rebuild their friendship.