Spoilers for upcoming broadcasts of Channel 5 series Neighbours - episodes to appear on television between 21 January to 25 January 2019.


  • Episode airs on 21 January 2019

Sheila subtly asks Gary and Dipi what they got up to last night. Gary says he was at a mate’s place and Dipi says she went to bed early. Knowing these are both lies, Sheila is suspicious – a suspicion that is only increased when she sees Dipi massaging Gary and learns that Dipi lied to Shane about where she slept last night.

Chloe and Elly are spending a lot of time together post-siege, something noticed largely by Aaron. When Chloe dumps a lunch date with Fay and Aaron to console Elly after a failed job interview, he wonders if Chloe is over-investing in her friendship with Elly. Later, Aaron pushes Chloe to open up.

Sonya and Toadie are in comic disgrace after The Waterhole incident. Nell tells Sonya she could sit under the friendship tree if she’s troubled and needs friends, inspiring Sonya to plant a friendship tree like the one they have at Nell’s kindy; a place people can go if they feel lonely and troubled. Toadie eventually pledges his support to Sonya and they decide to make it happen together. As they celebrate, Sonya feels a sharp pain, but works hard to push it aside.



  • Episode airs on 22 January 2019

Leo is trying to convince Terese to take him back, but she is unsure after everything that’s happened. It’s also clear there remains great chemistry between her and Paul as they discuss how to reinvigorate Lassiters after the siege. However when Leo buys Terese some particularly thoughtful gifts, they reconnect and decide to give it another try. Piper worries her mother has made a hasty decision and tells her that she called out for Paul while under anaesthetic and declared her love for him. How will Terese respond to this?

Aaron reels from Chloe’s shock confession that she’s in love with Elly. He promises not to say anything but wonders how to help his sister – a desire that is only increased when he sees how bonded Elly and Chloe are. Aaron discovers that Fay is still in touch with Mel, an ex of Chloe’s. Aaron decides to invite Mel to Erinsborough, hoping it will cheer up his sister.

David is not talking to Leo or Paul and is worried about his job. He tries to distract himself by taking Reggie for a walk. However he gets a nasty shock when Reggie goes missing – his pet pooch has been dognapped.


  • Episode airs on 23 January 2019

Terese denies to Piper her words of love towards Paul meant anything. Leo tells Paul he’s back with Terese and Paul buries his hurt, pretending he’s fine. Determined to move forward, Terese agrees to a meeting with Leo and Paul to discuss plans for the future for Lassiters.

David is distraught to discover that Reggie has gone missing. He rejects Leo’s offer for help but uses Aaron as they search the neighbourhood. They eventually find their dog with Mrs Punt, the sister of the late Valerie, who insists the dog belongs to her. David takes out all his bottled up stresses on Mrs Punt, threatening a custody battle, and Mrs Punt gives as good as she gets. Aaron tries to play peacekeeper and discovers Mrs Punt wants the dog because she’s secretly lonely.

Still at odds with Bea over the incident with Shaun, Ned does everything in his power to make things right.



  • Episode airs on 24 January 2019

Leo goes to help bring Terese home from hospital, but Paul holds back. Terese notes this and finds herself missing Paul. She calls him but he’s evasive and when they need to communicate he chooses to do it via Ned as a courier.

Yashvi clocks tension between her parents which Dipi downplays. Dipi meets up with Gary to talk about Amy’s impending return, which is seen by Sheila, further fuelling the latter’s suspicions that something is going on. Sheila explains her suspicions to Yashvi who now becomes worried – a feeling not assuaged when she confronts her mother. Yashvi tells Shane her fears, which causes Shane to confront Gary.

Despite Ned laying his heart on the line. Bea is still avoiding him. But after talking with Yashvi, Bea realises she wants to forgive Ned - she just doesn’t know how.


  • Episode airs on 25 January 2019

Aaron is worried about Chloe’s feelings for Elly and keeps finding excuses to supervise them, annoying Chloe. When Chloe’s ex-girlfriend, Mel, knocks on the door of the Brennan house, Aaron’s forced to admit he invited her to come. Chloe is appalled and beyond livid.

Dipi and Gary explain what really happened to Shane, Sheila, Amy and Yashvi but there is still high tension between Shane and Dipi, and Gary and Amy, as a result. Shane and Dipi agree to be more supportive of and communicative with each other. However, Dipi tells Gary that even though they’re still friends, they probably shouldn’t spend time together. Amy then tells Gary she doesn’t want to get back together because Gary still needs to fix himself. Gary decides this means he’s still in with a chance.

Toadie and Sonya plant their friendship tree, and it’s an instant hit - providing a place for solace and advice for Aaron and Shane.

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