Spoilers for upcoming broadcasts of Channel 5 series Neighbours - episodes to appear on television between 18 March to 22 March 2019.


  • Episode airs on 18 March 2019

Finn reacts badly to the truth of his lost years and his agitated reaction alerts Clive to Karl's unprofessional act. A guilty Karl is verbally reprimanded by Clive for risking Finn's recovery and told to stay away. But both Karl and Clive are startled to soon find Finn's room empty. Whether his amnesia is real or not - he's now on the loose.

A defensive Ned stands his ground in the face of a furious Paul. But it's Terese who really feels the heat when Paul demands Ned be fired. Terese stands up to Paul, pushing him to confess his determination to keep Robinson Pines untarnished out of respect for his late father. Paul is able to resolve the situation with Bea and Ned, but it’s too late to stop the story.

Gary organises a fancy surprise date for Amy – a trip to the ballet. Sheila's the only one who catches Amy's reservations but remains mum out of respect for the agreement she made not to interfere in their relationship. When Amy is dragged into Paul's impending Robinson Pines crisis and apologetically cancels - Gary asks Sheila to go with him instead.


  • Episode airs on 19 March 2019

The Kennedys are alarmed over Finn’s escape from the hospital, with Karl urging Susan and the girls to go into lockdown. Karl finds Finn in the hospital car park, and is troubled to see how seemingly genuine his distress is. Later, Finn’s upset grows when a new specialist organised by Paul (Dr. Beverley, Paul’s former stepmother) confirms what Karl told him, and adds yet another shock: Finn was in a coma because Susan pushed him off a cliff. He later requests to speak to Susan and tells her he’s learned what happened and he forgives her.

Leo continues wrestling with his heartbreak over Terese and Paul’s betrayal – increasingly taking comfort in Piper’s supportive friendship. Meanwhile Terese and Paul are still trying to settle Mrs Punt’s lawsuit and realise the only way to appease her is to convince Leo to publicly apologise for his actions that injured her. Humiliated by the prospect, Leo finds solace in a movie marathon night with Piper. Their emotional intimacy builds to a sizzling frisson that ends with Piper and Leo falling passionately into each other’s arms…

Gary and Sheila reluctantly head to the ballet. Both are surprisingly engaged by the show and on the heels of their nice time together, they begin to open up to each other about their recent conflict. They enjoy a frank discussion where they agree they both made mistakes during Gary’s upbringing, but Gary’s adamant he’s responsible for his own behaviour now.



  • Episode airs on 20 March 2019

Elly is surprised to be approached by Fay. She’s been in a similar situation as Elly, and her advice is to carefully consider what she wants. Elly finally convinces Mark to hear her out. Telling him she’ll do anything to bring them back together, Elly’s crushed when he responds bluntly, saying he wants an annulment. But a shock revelation could turn that decision on its head: secretly, Elly takes a pregnancy test… and it’s positive.

Mark wants nothing to do with Chloe or Aaron, and Fay begins to take pity on Chloe - regretting her outburst. She finds her daughter at work and apologises for slapping her. Chloe forgives her, happy to have somebody to support her. Confronting Mark, she implores him to hate her if he wants to, but to stop punishing Aaron. Taking this on board, Mark tracks Aaron and the brothers make amends — which Chloe clocks from afar.

Piper and Leo wake up feeling uncertain about their hook up, but neither is ready to talk about it. Piper escapes to work but she can’t escape a visit from Terese – which is incredibly tense. Leo and Piper regroup, and once Piper’s assured Leo wasn’t motivated by revenge, they agree that their night together was fun — a lot of fun. But their friendship is too important to lose so it’s best they don’t take things further.



  • Episode airs on 21 MARCH 2019

Shocked to discover she’s pregnant, Elly grapples with what that means for her and Mark. When Chloe accidentally hears the baby news, she’s shocked, but swallows her own hurt to counsel Elly. Chloe’s privately heartbroken. Meanwhile, Mark’s still determined not to take back a woman he can’t trust. But Fay convinces him to hear Elly out one more time. When Mark holds firm on his resolve that there’s no future for them, Elly is unable to hold her tongue any longer. She reveals she’s pregnant.

The public scandal over Mel’s nefarious actions continues to dent the reputation of Robinson Pines. While Paul maintains he did nothing wrong. Gary helps Amy realise that running the development for her morally-grey father has turned her into someone she doesn’t want to be. She resigns, happily choosing to return to her roots as ‘The Handy Woman,’ leaving Paul hurt... and fuming when he learns the part Gary played.

Dipi and Shane learn that Lauren’s putting number thirty-two up for sale. Disappointed to realise they can’t afford to buy it, they resign themselves to finding another house to rent in the area. But when Aaron hears the news, he’s intrigued. He calls David to check on their financial situation.


  • Episode airs on 22 March 2019

Thrown to learn Elly’s pregnant, Mark needs time before giving her a response. While Elly anxiously waits for an answer, she’s comforted by Chloe… much to Mark’s upset when he sees them together. When Elly realises he got the wrong impression, she follows him home to explain. But when she finds him reading Kate’s letter. The anger that has been bubbling away under her guilt and regret rises up, and she challenges Mark to take some responsibility for their problems. Mark takes this onboard, and when he visits Elly to give her an answer, he asks if she’s truly willing to make a fresh start. She agrees.

Leo and Piper vowed that sleeping together was a one-off, but then the comfort and support they offer each other spills over into the physical again and they convince themselves they can be friends-with-benefits. They need to keep it secret, so they come up with their own cheeky code-word to use in public when they want to spend some time together: ‘croquet’.

Piper drops the term casually while in conversation with Imogen, and when Leo also gives the code-word he uses with his ‘anonymous’ lover to Chloe, it has unintended consequences when Chloe mentions it to Imogen. Piper is shocked when she confronts her, and issues an ultimatum. Imogen demands Piper tell Terese what she’s up to with Leo… or she will.