NEIGHBOURS SPOILERS - 17/12 to 21/12

NEIGHBOURS SPOILERS - 17/12 to 21/12


- Episode airs on 17 December 2018

Spurred on by the mysterious photograph she found in Leo’s file, Piper subtly probes Leo for more information. While he evades her questioning, she and Terese notice him rejecting several phone calls, explaining them away as telemarketers. Piper can’t shake her gut feeling that Leo’s hiding something serious. Piper accesses Leo’s computer and finds emails between him and the girl in the photograph.

Amy gets a call about an emergency at Robinson Heights, arriving with Aaron to find the last stage of the development gutted of wiring and copper pipes. It’s a professional disaster. She vents her upset to Gary, who’s on site at his dodgy new job. When the bottom falls out of the box of product Gary’s been paid to transport, he’s appalled to realise he’s shifting the materials that were stolen from Amy.

The Year 12 ATAR results are in… Xanthe scores an 89.45, high enough to get into her medical course, and Shane is rapt with a score that will allow him to pursue engineering. But Yashvi, devastated by her dismal score, lies to her celebrating family and friends. After looking up her English score, Elly realises Yashvi is covering and tells Shane, who gently urges Yashvi to come clean.


- Episode airs on 18 December 2018

Having caught Piper snooping through his emails, Leo’s forced to come clean. He tells Terese, Ned and Piper he’s been contacted by Delaney Renshaw - daughter of the notorious Renshaw crime family. Her father and uncle are up for a parole hearing, having gone away after someone shopped them for money laundering... and that ‘someone’ was Leo. He’s afraid they’ll find out he was Informant ‘Z’. They got the wrong guy before, leading to the attack on Leo’s associate Mannix. Leo turns to Paul for the truth about Mannix, and Paul promises Mannix isn’t a threat anymore.

When asked by a classmate to pass on a ‘Christmas gift’ to Jane, Kirsha’s happy to oblige - since it means staying in Jane’s good books. But she later realises the mystery present was Dipi’s Full Salute tea. After Paul arrives to walk Jane home at the end of the day, amorous Jane propositions him and the two get down to business in an empty classroom. Feeling guilty, Kirsha admits the mistake to her mum ... and she and Dipi race down to the school after hours to address the mix up. They bump into Susan and Elly, who’s been clearing out her desk - and Elly investigates a noise coming from the classroom.

Gary’s in panic mode after finding Amy’s copper and wiring in the back of his delivery truck, and doesn’t know what to do. But his boss Kev orders him to finish the delivery or face the consequences. Gary’s girlfriend will be able to claim on her insurance. Running out of options, Gary makes the delivery. He manages to avoid trouble from the boss but can’t get rid of his guilt when he sees Amy struggling to find tradies to sort out the mess. Witnessing the damage his dodgy new associates have caused, Gary tries to quit and tells Kev he wants out.



- Episode airs on 19 December 2018

Following his delivery job, Gary’s able to pay Amy back some of the debt he owes – but he’s wracked with guilt that he’s benefiting from the robbery. He later learns from Kev that the burglars dropped an item at Amy’s site during the robbery – the remote to the garage door where all the stolen goods are kept. If the police find it they may be able to trace it and they’ll all be busted. Gary sees the opportunity to strike a deal to get out of this mess. He offers to do one last task for the bosses: retrieve the remote, in exchange for being left out of their dodgy dealings from now on.

After being caught in a compromising position with Paul on school grounds, Jane learns her out-of-character behaviour was due to unwittingly consuming Dipi’s aphrodisiac tea. Jane feels angry and upset and ashamed, and Paul is worried that Jane’s intimate feelings towards him weren’t real. After Jane finds Christmas presents and cards addressed to Susan in her office, Jane realises how well-loved the former principal is - and heads to the Kennedy house to apologise for her previous behaviour.

Trying to juggle housework with visits to Sonya in hospital, Toadie is stressed to find Sonya’s Christmas presents have gone missing – and have been substituted with gifts from Alice addressed to Andrea. It’s yet another blow to an already-struggling Toadie. He takes the presents to the police, but the original gifts for Sonya can’t be found. Shane vows to buy new presents, and Toadie rallies for Willow’s sake - but if Sonya is released from hospital, what kind of Christmas will she come home to?


- Episode airs on 20 December 2018

Desperate to put her feelings for Elly out of her mind, Chloe’s pleased when Aaron organises a night out with her and David, but she’s thrown when Mark and Elly tag along. Struggling to be around the happy couple, she hits the alcohol hard and starts flirting with a male waterpolo team.

Caught out by Amy, Gary covers and claims he’s checking the place is secure. Amy buys his story… then finds the remote and takes it home, planning to give it to the police. Scrambling to cover his involvement, Gary swipes the remote and is about to dismantle it, when Sheila arrives back from her New Zealand trip, catching Gary in the act. Forced to admit the truth and face Sheila’s disappointment, He begs Sheila not to let Amy know he was involved.

Willow’s reluctant to visit Sonya in hospital, blaming herself for bringing ‘Alice’ into their lives. But Sonya’s thrilled when Willow overcomes her worries and arrives with a bunch of flowers. However the warm family moment is soon ruptured when Toadie receives confirmation from the police that Andrea and Alice were in contact. It seems Andrea was complicit in the plan to do away with Sonya. Ropeable, Toadie’s determined to punish Andrea by withdrawing their financial support and pushing for full custody of Hugo.


- Episode airs on 21 December 2018

Toadie and Piper are saddened to discover Valerie Grundy has passed away. Shy and reclusive, Val lived on the corner house of Ramsay Street for 34 years. Stepping into her house for the first time, Toadie’s surprised to discover Val was a hoarder – and many of the things she’s collected over the years are items discarded by their various neighbours who have come and gone – including the Christmas gifts he’d recently bought for Sonya. When he struggles to find a next of kin to notify, Toadie realises how little they all knew Val.

Leo’s stunned when Delaney Renshaw arrives in town. She’s eager to embark on a romance with Leo now that she’s an adult. Delaney’s convinced it’s what Leo wants, especially considering the strong connection they both had back in Sydney. Leo gently lets her down as he explains that he has a girlfriend. Delaney’s surprised to discover it’s Terese, and thinks she’s far too old for him.

Elly continues to worry that her Chloe is acting act because of the kiss they shared. She challenges Chloe on her behaviour, hoping they can talk about it, but Chloe shuts her down, leaving Elly stung that her friend is no longer willing to open up to her. After thinking about it, Chloe decides she should be honest about her feelings and writes Elly a long Christmas letter, outlining her love.