Spoilers for upcoming broadcasts of Channel 5 series Neighbours - episodes to appear on television between 11 March to 15 March 2019.


  • Episode airs on 11 March 2019

Elly makes a quick escape from the Brennan house, leaving Chloe unsure where they stand. Chloe grows increasingly unsure when Elly continues putting off speaking to her about their tryst, and Chloe is forced to bite her tongue - as Aaron promises Elly that Mark still loves her. Aaron soon learns there's a chance Mark might be in the small NSW town of Silverton and sets off to find him. But when a lovesick Chloe finds out, she calls Aaron and begs him to leave Mark be.

Susan has made up her mind; she can't go on without seeing whether or not Finn's amnesia is real for herself. Their encounter is brief but unsettling for Susan, as Finn's polite and pleasant demeanour catches her off-guard. When Susan later downloads with her family about the visit, she admits she believes Finn is telling the truth.

Toadie, along with his family and friends, returns to Erinsborough on the day of Sonya's memorial, and braces himself for the difficult day ahead. There are surprise arrivals at the memorial, including Lucas and Willow, and the gathering by the lake is a beautiful celebration of the amazing life of Sonya Rebecchi. Toadie and Lucas both perform loving speeches. Callum struggles to get through his own, but Angie helps him through.



  • Episode airs on 12 March 2019

After driving all night, Aaron arrives in Silverton and tracks Mark down to a caravan where a weary, overwhelmed Mark is in crisis. Sonya’s death has shaken Mark to his core and his doubts about the future have taken over. Mark is adamant that he can’t marry Elly. Breaking down Mark’s barriers proves difficult for Aaron. But ultimately it’s an unexpected voice from Mark’s past that helps him see that shutting himself off from love would be the worst possible choice. An inspired Mark races home to beg forgiveness from Elly.

Chloe doesn’t hold back her feelings. She urges Elly to see that she and Mark are wrong for each other, adamant that she would treat Elly better. Chloe challenges Elly to reconsider whether she still wants to go through with the wedding. Elly’s now in her turmoil as Mark arrives back on Ramsay Street. Down on one knee, Mark asks if she’ll still marry him.

The shock of Paul and Terese’s reunion has worn off and Leo’s volatile angry streak seems to have tapered out — but those closest to him fear it could reappear at any time. Leo claims he’s okay, and ready to return to work alongside Terese and Paul. The request puts Paul and Terese on the spot and they ultimatel decide they can’t trust Leo to do what’s best for Lassiters. The rejection is yet another blow for Leo, but he takes comfort in his growing friendship with Piper.


  • Episode airs on 13 March 2019

Mark begs Elly for another chance, doing all he can to convince her to go ahead with the wedding. Although she’s wracked with guilt over sleeping with Chloe - she can’t resist the pull of her love for Mark. They scramble to get ready for the big day. In the midst of the wedding prep chaos, Elly finds Chloe and begs her to act like everything’s normal.

Chloe privately feels there’s still hope for her and Elly, and confesses to Aaron that they slept together. Shocked, Aaron struggles to hold his tongue as he arrives at the altar with Mark. Elly manages to keep up appearances throughout the ceremony, but after it all becomes too much and she slips away. When Mark finds her, she breaks down. Elly can no longer control her guilt and confesses. She cheated on him – with his sister.

Toadie’s determined to get on with life and attend Mark and Elly’s wedding. He feels the family is coping okay, but Shane and Dipi are worried Toadie’s rushing his recovery. Meanwhile, Callum tells Yashvi that he doesn’t want to go home to the US — he’d rather be with his family. Toadie makes a call: to keep the family together and not disrupt Callum’s life, they’re all going for a trip to the US for a few weeks.



  • Episode airs on 14 MARCH 2019

Mark’s stunned and shattered by Elly’s revelation. Unable to face his anger and hurt, Elly bolts. As the guests react in confusion and start to disperse, Aaron’s horrified when Chloe suggests it might mean she and Elly now have a chance to make things work. As the Kennedys are appalled to learn Elly’s at fault, things between the Brennans come to a head when Mark gives his sister a very public serve. Chloe tries to open up to her mum Fay, but Fay’s disgusted by Chloe’s selfishness and lets her know with a harsh slap.

Things improve somewhat for Aaron when David shows him understanding, while they get worse for Mark, Elly and Chloe. Elly’s hopes for a quick resolution are dashed when Mark walks out on her after he learns that Chloe is in love with Elly. And when Elly discovers Chloe’s still hoping there’s a chance for them, Elly assures her she made a massive mistake.

With Finn still claiming he can’t recall anything about the last twelve years of his life, Gary fears he won’t face justice. Despite dealing with the family fallout post wedding, Bea also remains troubled by thoughts of Finn. It propels her to visit him in hospital. Overwhelmed by the similarity between this new version of Finn, and ‘Patrick’ — the fake persona with which he duped her before, she runs out. Claiming he’s eager for answers, Finn reaches out to the one person he’s felt true kindness from since he woke up: Susan.


  • Episode airs on 15 March 2019

Karl is increasingly concerned by Susan's compassion for Finn — a man who has caused their family so much pain, especially when Susan becomes invested in Finn's reunion with his brother Shaun. A conversation with Ned stokes his anger and resentment of Finn. Fearing his wife is being sucked in by a master manipulator yet again, Karl goes against medical advice and confronts Finn with the details of exactly who he is.

Both Elly and Chloe are nervous at the thought of seeing Mark again after the fateful wedding day. When Chloe tries to engage Mark in conversation, Mark demands she move out. A guilty Chloe does as she's told, but with a lack of money and no other option - Chloe resorts to taking up in a vacant hotel room and hoping no one will notice. Elly attempts to prove to Mark she meant every word of her vows and that she's going to fight for him and their relationship.

Protective of Bea, Ned is frustrated that his girlfriend never gets to see the people who have done her wrong face justice — neither Finn nor Mel are behind bars. Resolved to do something about it, he hunts through the files he kept after his clean up of Mel's office and discovers a bank statement indicating Paul may have secretly funded Mel’s activities, including the fire she set at the garage. Ned can’t let it go and decides to send the evidence he has to someone who Paul will be forced to listen to.