Spoilers for upcoming broadcasts of Channel 5 series Neighbours - episodes to appear on television between 11 February to 15 February 2019.


  • Episode airs on 11 February 2019

Toadie insists he’ll handle the situation with Andrea and her lawyers, believing the best strategy is to not tell them about Sonya’s diagnosis. Sonya worries that her health will become an issue soon enough, and that it might look even worse if they’re not upfront from the start. Sonya decides to go on the front foot. Enlisting Shane’s help, Sonya quietly arranges to slip off to the airport. As unwitting Toadie prepares to fight dirty in the courts, Sonya takes matters into her own hands, arriving to confront Andrea face-to-face at the psychiatric ward…

After agreeing to a clean slate, Chloe and Mel meet up for drinks, trying to get to know each other better. Chloe’s surprised by how well she finds herself getting along with her ex, quickly falling into their old rapport. But Chloe’s startled when Mel bails after one drink, insisting that she won’t settle for drunken hook-ups.

Despite continually refusing to take Gary back, Amy does still love him deep down, and wants to see him rebuild his life. She can’t help being supportive, offering him leads in his hunt for more work. Inspired by a new parenting book that’s all about helping adult kids succeed, Sheila tells Amy that Gary doesn’t need her pity. Amy apologises to a baffled Gary, who’s left to once again rue his mother’s interference.


  • Episode airs on 12 February 2019

Swallowing her trepidation, Sonya meets with Andrea. She gives Andrea a serve, demanding she sign over full custody of Hugo to Jarrod, revealing her cancer diagnosis in the process. Sonya knows revealing her illness to Andrea is a huge gamble – but it pays off. Toadie’s relieved Sonya’s risky tactic worked, but Sonya sees how much the pressure of the entire situation is playing on him, and together they decide it’s time to welcome the whole community’s support.

Sonya goes public with her health fight, and the Rebecchis are overwhelmed with love from the people around them. Through Sonya’s relief, we get a sense that she might be holding back something about her whirlwind trip to Tasmania. Something Andrea said has her rattled, though Sonya isn’t ready to share it yet.

The residents of Ramsay Street are shaken by Sonya’s news – none more so than Terese, who’s reminded of her own battle last year. Meanwhile Leo is on the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, when Sonya’s news reminds him how important it is to treasure every moment of life and love. Leo finds himself taking a leap, spontaneously proposing to her. Stunned and conflicted, Terese can’t hide her shock.



  • Episode airs on 13 February 2019

Thrown by Terese’s refusal of his marriage proposal, Leo scrambles to change her mind. However, Terese needs more time to work through her inner turmoil about what she really wants. But then she has a moment with Paul where she feels the heat and familiarity springing from years of sexual tension. Terese is left even more confused.

When Elly lets slip to Sonya that Mark is suddenly being less than enthusiastic about focusing on their wedding preparation, Sonya gets involved. Mark is struggling with the thought of his friend being ill and admits to Aaron that it doesn’t feel right to be planning a party right now.

Toadie hires Gary to be the new casual employee at the nursery. He’s amused to see the new dynamic between Sheila and Amy, when Amy begs him not to tell Gary or Sheila that she was the one who suggested Gary for the role. It’s clear Sheila has an axe to grind.


  • Episode airs on 14 February 2019

Heartbroken at Terese’s decision to end their relationship, Leo feels lost and Paul is right by his side, offering the support and comfort he needs. Still devoted to Terese, Leo blames himself for their break up. The black tie Valentine’s Day drinks at The Waterhole provide a welcome distraction for Terese, who throws herself into work – only to find both Leo and Paul there as well.

Terese is forced to reiterate that there’s no going back now. But she still has to deal with Paul, who lays his frustrations on her for the hurt Leo’s feeling and demands an explanation. While Terese deeply regrets the pain she’s caused Leo, she’s steadfast in her decision, sure that she couldn’t continue with Leo when she can’t stop thinking about Paul. It’s everything Paul’s wanted to hear for the longest time, and he’s torn between his love for Terese and loyalty to Leo.

Chloe heads to the beach with Mel, where some one-on-one time enlightens Chloe to how supportive Mel can be. Mel offers a compassionate understanding of Chloe’s difficult feelings for Elly. When Chloe has to return to work at the Valentine’s Day event, she invites Mel to tag along and Elly is put out, suddenly feeling like an unwanted third wheel to Chloe’s new relationship.


  • Episode airs on 15 February 2019

All of Paul and Terese’s longing and love for one another has finally led to an impassioned kiss. Both Paul and Terese are wary of hurting Leo, but cannot resist each other any longer, deciding this is it. They want to be together. But they’ll have break it to Leo carefully.

Leo, meanwhile, is inspired by an unwitting Piper not to give up on his relationship with Terese. Paul and Terese’s well-intentioned plan to start their relationship on the right foot comes undone at the last second, when Leo unexpectedly witnesses an intimate moment between them, leaving him stunned, devastated and confused.

Change is in the air for Chloe, as she decides to embark on a real relationship with Mel. Despite a history of avoiding commitment, Chloe happily announces to her family that she and Mel are a couple. Elly can’t help still feeling doubtful of Mel’s motivations - but she does her best to be happy for her friend, overcompensating to make a show of being on-board with Chloe and Mel’s new relationship.