NEIGHBOURS SPOILERS – 10/12 to 14/12


- Episode airs on 10 December 2018

Still frantically searching for Sonya - Toadie begins to fear the worst. However, Sonya walks into the hospital. Overwhelmed with relief, Toadie rushes to her side. Toadie promises to support her through this. Alice is furious that her plans to fracture the couple have failed. She resolves to take even more drastic action…

Gary is surprised to see Kev, his ex-crim mate, turn up at the coffee hut on an apparently random visit. Kev has a not-quite-legitimate job offer for Gary, but is disappointed when he claims he’s on the straight and narrow - His resolve doesn’t last long after he learns of Xanthe’s efforts to help him pay back Amy’s loan. Guilty, Gary signs up for the role as a ‘removals man’ to a group of Kev’s mates. But what is he really getting himself into?

Susan’s keen to visit Libby, after learning she’s broken her leg in an accident, and faces a long recovery. But the conditions of her bail mean she’s not allowed to leave the country. A special request for her to go to China is denied, leaving Susan feeling guilty.

Also feeling guilty is Bea – she knows that her decision to talk to Finn’s ex-wife and lure him back kicked off the terrible chain of events that they’re now all facing. And she suspects that Karl is harbouring the same thoughts. She decides to face his repressed anger head on and try and clear the air. But will Karl find it within himself to forgive her?


- Episode airs on 11 December 2018

Alice puts her sinister plans into overdrive, subtly convincing Sonya to accept a lucrative one-off delivery for the Nursery. Of course, the delivery is all a set-up by Alice, hell-bent on carrying out her plan to get rid of Sonya for good.

Piper’s confused when Toadie asks her to leave the office before a meeting Afterwards, when she asks Toadie what the meeting was about, Toadie is deliberately vague and Piper’s suspicion grows. She’s Toadie’s assistant, and usually involved in the cases he takes on. What is Toadie hiding?

Gary completes his first dodgy delivery job, desperate to pay back Amy quicker. Despite his guilt he is happy with the hefty payment, telling Amy he’s already making good on his payment plan to her. How long until Amy finds out what he’s really up to?

Riding high off her success in bringing the Robinson family together last week, Jane goes one step further and organises a catch-up lunch - although Gary, Amy and David drop out at the last-minute. Paul’s left with Terese and a preoccupied Leo. The lunch is spectacularly awkward, and Leo soon makes an excuse to leave early. Paul’s downcast, leading Jane to realise she overstepped. She was wrong to think this broken family could be so easily healed.


- Episode airs on 12 December 2018

Toadie’s confused when he learns Sonya’s headed out to do a work delivery. His frustration and confusion grow when he receives a text from Sonya, claiming she’s staying the night with her client in Woodend. He has no idea the texts are actually coming from Alice, who’s swiped Sonya’s phone, leaving Sonya in grave peril.

Toadie’s confusion turns to horror when David approaches with Sonya’s toxicology results from last week: there were opiates in her system. Toadie’s confronted by the devastating realisation that Sonya lied to him last week about resisting temptation. His worst fears are coming true. If only Toadie knew the real truth – that Sonya’s been left by the side of a remote road, her condition rapidly deteriorating…

Chloe puts on a brave face at Mark and Elly’s engagement party but knocks back a few drinks to get her mind off her growing feelings for Elly. Chloe gives an impromptu, inebriated toast - in which she reveals the family’s recent Huntington’s dramas. It’s a trainwreck of a speech, and Elly later tends to a sick Chloe in the Waterhole Beer Garden. Chloe goes overboard in her gratitude, declaring her love for Elly.

Keen to make up for their disastrous family brunch, Jane apologises but Paul seems to keep her at arm’s length. Jane’s at a loss as to what happened, and after talking to Dipi, believes it’s because Paul needs to be in control in his relationships. When Jane confronts him with that, Paul admits he’s not annoyed at her, but rather with himself.


- Episode airs on 13 December 2018

Distracted by Sonya’s supposed bender, Toadie forgets that Willow is coming to town. Upon her arrival, Willow quickly senses things aren’t right and learns that Sonya has supposedly taken off. The situation quickly gets messy when Alice realises her granddaughter is visiting. She tries to avoid her, but soon comes face to face with Willow – who’s beyond shocked to find her supposedly dead grandmother in Ramsay Street.

Willow demands answers and Alice spins a cover story, claiming she’s masquerading as a nanny for the Rebecchis so she can keep an eye on Hugo. But Willow doesn’t buy it. She quickly puts together that Alice is behind Sonya’s disappearance, and gets Alice to admit she deliberately poisoned her and left her to die.

Feeling embarrassed about her drunken confession of love for Elly, and guilty for spilling her family’s Huntington’s situation, Chloe is full of apologies. Her brothers understand her need to unburden herself and Elly accepts Chloe’s explanation. Elly’s left wanting to cement their new friendship, and asks Chloe to be one of her bridesmaids, along with Bea as her maid-of-honour.

Aaron is the last Brennan to get tested for Huntington’s and is anxious as he and David wait on his results. Eager to lift his spirits, Mark asks him to be his best man and Aaron is touched. When the moment of truth finally arrives, David and Aaron eagerly read his results.


- Episode airs on 13 December 2018

Time is of the essence as Willow’s attempts to break out of the potting shed come to naught and Toadie doesn’t see Willow’s message on his phone, remaining unaware Sonya’s life is slipping away out in the bush.

Finally, Toadie finds Willow’s message and comes looking for her in the nursery.

With Sonya in dire straits, Piper is in charge of the law office, cancelling all of Toadie’s appointments and organising his files. She’s intrigued to come across a mysterious folder with Leo’s name and is tempted to read it. However, a moralistic Xanthe talks her out of it and Piper attempts to let it go.

But when Leo comes looking for Toadie, citing an urgent legal matter, Piper’s curiosity is piqued again - realising Toadie’s secretive meeting earlier in the week was with Leo. Leo takes his file back, and when Piper later sees it lying on the kitchen bench at Number Twenty-two, she can’t help herself and takes a peek. Inside is a picture of a young woman. What is Leo hiding?

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