Spoilers for upcoming broadcasts of Channel 5 series Neighbours - episodes to appear on television between 04 March to 08 March 2019.


  • Episode airs on 04 March 2019

Shane assures Sonya that it’s wise to keep Andrea’s admission a secret from Toadie, for now at least. Toadie, Sonya, Jade and the kids are excited to head off for a few days of family holiday. Jade and Callum will take the kids off early while Sonya and Toadie attend a check-up with Sonya’s specialist. Sonya is starting to feel a little worse for wear, but rallies to stay on top of her symptoms, sure they’re merely side-effects of her treatment. When Toadie takes a phone call, Sonya ends up meeting with the doctor alone. Afterwards, Sonya puts on a brave face and assures Toadie everything’s fine, keeping the truth of her meeting to herself.

A confronted Mel denies any involvement in the garage fire and plays mind games with Chloe to convince her she’s innocent. But Chloe recognises Mel’s manipulative tactics and reads them as confirmation that Mel was responsible. Remorseful, Chloe admits it to Bea and sets about making things right by sharing everything with the police. When Chloe breaks up with Mel, Mel’s final words target Chloe’s deepest fears and leave her devastated. Elly wants to be there for her friend, but fears that getting too close to Chloe might confuse things between them, so Elly calls on Aaron to keep a close eye on his sister as she grapples with the heartbreak.

Bea hopes that these new revelations about Mel might change Lucas’s mind about selling the garage. She’s relieved but still uncertain when she learns that the sale hasn’t gone through yet and Lucas is going to wait on the final police report before deciding. Could Bea’s job be safe after all?


  • Episode airs on 05 March 2019

Hiding her latest diagnosis, Sonya puts on a brave front as she and Toadie embark on the road trip to the beach house. But it’s clear she has a sixth sense that the end is nigh and she intends to make the most of the precious time she has left. In addition to telling Toadie her wishes for her funeral, she chooses key moments to impart her feelings on the people close to them – including Angie, Karl, Susan and Mark.

But her greatest sentiment is reserved for her beautiful children - Callum, Nell and Hugo – and Toadie himself. As the trip progresses and Sonya has a moment where she questions whether heaven exists, Toadie becomes increasingly troubled by her state of mind. Sonya is forced to reveal that her scan revealed that the cancer has spread to her brain. Toadie wants to take her straight to hospital for a second opinion, but Sonya is determined to reach the beach house and see the kids. Upon arrival, they find a note saying Callum has taken Nell and Hugo down to the water.

Though her condition is worsening, Sonya is driven by a primal urge to see them and Toadie is powerless to stop her trekking through the sand dunes to find them. Reaching the beach and spotting them in the distance, an exhausted Sonya announces she doesn’t want to go any further. She doesn’t want her kids to see her like this. Telling Toadie that heaven is here, on earth, with him...



  • Episode airs on 06 March 2019

Shocked by Sonya’s sudden passing, Toadie returns to Erinsborough and seeks comfort from Karl and Susan. It’s all happened so quickly, and Toadie struggles to process his loss. As news travels and Sonya’s friends rally to be there for each other, Mark is shaken to his core – all his doubts about committing to a future with Elly rising to the surface again.

Shane’s number one concern is Toadie’s wellbeing, but he’s also conscious of the secret Sonya revealed to him about Andrea. Does Andrea really hold a vital clue that could lead to the real Dee? This knowledge is weighing on Shane, and he shares all with Dipi. Together, they decide to keep the secret for now, until Toadie’s in a stronger place.

Elsewhere, while cleaning out Mel’s old real estate office, Ned comes across some intriguing paperwork to do with Paul’s involvement in her nefarious schemes. He keeps what he’s learned from everyone for now – including Bea.

In Erinsborough hospital, trouble is on the horizon when Finn Kelly finally stirs from him coma. Slowly at first, Finn’s eyes flicker open... He’s awake.


  • Episode airs on 07 MARCH 2019

The Kennedy household is shocked to learn Finn is awake. Karl fears Finn will once again be a danger to his family, while Bea’s angry and anxious that Finn may evade justice. David and the medical team assess Finn, who is confused and agitated. They're shocked to realise Finn has no memory of his recent misdeeds. In fact, he thinks it's 2007 and he's still at uni studying to become a teacher. Bea and Susan are stunned to learn Finn may be suffering from retrograde amnesia. Does this mean he’ll avoid the consequences of his crimes?

Toadie wakes to an empty space beside him in bed. It takes a few seconds to remember Sonya is gone. Forging ahead, Toadie goes about his day, planning Sonya's memorial with Susan. As Toadie prepares to return to Colac to collect Nell and Hugo, he's floored when Shane, Gary and Karl arrive to join him for the road trip. They insist Toadie doesn’t have to talk about his feelings - they just want to be there for him. Toadie's moved by the support from his brotherhood.

Mark continues to grapple with his guilt over Sonya. Unsure how to help, and upset at being pushed aside, Elly turns to Chloe for reassurance. But when Mark’s anguish becomes too much, he flees Erinsborough, leaving Elly a note saying he needs some time away. Elly's distraught, worried for Mark's wellbeing, and fearing how this will impact their wedding.


  • Episode airs on 08 March 2019

Elly attempts to contact Mark but gets nowhere. Elly decides to hang out with Chloe for the night as she works through her feelings about Mark taking off. But things go from bad to worse when Elly receives a text from her fiancé. He's sorry but he can't marry Elly. The wedding is off. Part of Elly is stunned, and part of her isn't surprised. Mark's been sending her these signals for weeks now. He's obviously in a bad way.

Chloe settles in to comfort Elly, and their intimate conversation moves between Chloe's fear of never finding someone to love her, and Elly feeling like a failure after everything that's gone wrong in her life. Elly truly believes it's over with Mark and she becomes emotional. Chloe comforts her, leading to Elly initiating a shockingly unexpected kiss. Instead of regretting her actions, Elly gives in to how safe and loved she feels with Chloe and things escalate quickly!

Bea frets over Finn's amnesia diagnosis. She believes he's lying to avoid facing justice for his crimes. Her belief is challenged when she learns Susan once experienced retrograde amnesia. Susan encourages her niece to keep an open mind. Susan hates the idea of Finn not going to jail, but it is possible he's telling the truth about his memory loss.

It's International Women's Day. Sonya had originally planned to gather a group of women to create care packages for a local women's shelter. Terese and Piper decide to keep the idea alive as a way to honour their friend. Piper makes the rounds of the neighbourhood, not only collecting everyone's contributions for the packages, but to interview them for a special vlog celebrating unsung heroines. The empowering interviews prompt Piper to have an honest discussion with Terese. Piper's worried her mother is losing her independence, by letting Paul dictate the terms of their relationship. Terese is taken aback by her daughter’s point of view.