Spoilers for upcoming broadcasts of Channel 5 series Neighbours - episodes to appear on television between 04 February to 08 February 2019.


  • Episode airs on 4 February 2019

Sonya braces for her first chemotherapy session with remarkable positivity – but her plan to keep her diagnosis on the down-low is scuttled when David sees her awaiting treatment. When Sonya starts feeling the effects of her treatment the next morning, Toadie thinks Sonya needs to skip taking Nell to her first day at school. But Sonya flat-out refuses. Despite feeling unwell, she powers through and gives her little girl the special first day she deserves.

Keeping the turmoil he’s feeling to himself, Toadie brushes off confused questions about Sonya’s illness from Dipi and Shane. But the pressure on Toadie builds when he receives a mysteriously upsetting letter at work. And when Toadie arrives to check on the nursery, only to find Yashvi has accidentally killed a few small plants, he explodes in a disproportionate fury. Yashvi and Shane are left baffled.

Gary is humiliated after Amy’s rejection but refuses to divulge the details to a worried Sheila. Sheila finally convinces Gary to confide in her and learns he blew off two job interviews to rush to Amy’s aid, only to have her reject him. Amy arrives to clear the air with Gary, he remains quietly determined to win her back eventually. Meanwhile protective Sheila can’t resist giving Amy a piece of her mind, telling her she was cruel and careless with Gary’s feelings. Amy agrees, but feels Sheila should mind her own business – and tension simmers between the women.


  • Episode airs on 05 February 2019

Shane confronts Toadie about his outburst, prompting Toadie to reveal a partial truth. He tells Shane about the letter from Andrea’s lawyer. But when word gets back to Sonya about the letter, she gently confronts Toadie, and also learns about his harsh treatment of Yashvi. Sonya realises Toadie can’t keep dealing with this alone and finally reveals the truth to Shane and Dipi – she has cancer.

Meanwhile, Karl’s giving Sonya and Toadie space, and with Susan away, finds support in David. Later, Karl joins Shane and Toadie at The Waterhole for drinks. Karl is confronted as Toadie blames him for everything that has happened and lies ahead.

Chloe has agreed to attend the wedding but Mark wants her to be part of the bridal party again too. Mark gets Elly to ask her, leading to tension between her and Chloe, which is clocked by Piper. Piper reports this to Mark who checks everything is alright. Chloe and Elly assure him they are fine but when they are alone they wind up having a fight, with Chloe accusing Elly of putting her in an impossible situation.


  • Episode airs on 06 February 2019

Terese and Leo are back together but Terese is feeling slightly dissatisfied, though she can’t understand why. Paul is spruiking the Robinson Pines development to a VIP – Jane McDonald from England. Immediately taken by Paul, Jane launches into an outright flirt-fest with him. Paul wastes no time flirting right back and though Leo is amused, Terese finds herself confronted and jealous. Terese seeks Paul out to admonish him for inappropriate behavior with a client, and he challenges her on why it bothers her.

Things are tense between Chloe and Elly as Elly’s hen’s party begins. Thanks to Chloe and Bea’s planning, the hen’s party is a hit, with David playing the shirtless waiter at the last minute, followed by an excursion to the Back Lane Bar for more drinks and dancing. Elly apologises to Chloe for making her feel bad... which only makes Chloe realise again how much she’s in love with her brother’s fiancée. Chloe agrees to be a bridesmaid after all, but then slips away from Elly’s party - craving a distraction, seeks Mel out and sweeps her into a spontaneous, passionate kiss.

Toadie isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to blaming Karl. Toadie is absolutely convinced that Karl should have realised what was happening to Sonya sooner. Recognising that Toadie needs someone to blame, Karl is happy to wear it. But Sonya remains deeply worried about how Toadie is coping.



  • Episode airs on 07 February 2019

Tensions sizzle between Paul and Terese after their almost-kiss, while Terese battles to put them aside and remain committed to Leo. Paul has a few too many at the Waterhole. When Terese and Paul later disagree over how Lassiters should celebrate Valentine’s Day, Leo assumes the role of peacekeeper, and enlightens Terese to Paul’s inner turmoil. Terese loves Leo and refuses to hurt him. Paul also doesn’t want Leo to suffer. Despite the heartache it will bring them, Terese and Paul agree they must let go of each other.

Things get hot and heavy for Chloe and Mel, but when Elly walks in on them hooking up on the couch - she becomes concerned. Elly warns Chloe not to rush into things with Mel, if all she’s looking for is a distraction from her feelings for Elly. Meanwhile, Aaron has noticed Elly’s anti-Mel stance and calls her out on it. As Elly reels, Aaron suggests that if she can’t support Chloe’s new romance, she should keep her opinions to herself. Mel remains determined to break through the walls Chloe has put between them, until she finds the Christmas card Chloe wrote to Elly, declaring her undying love. Now Mel knows Chloe’s in love with Elly… but what will she do with this information?

Knowing that Mark will move on from the garage soon, Bea reflects on how much her job has helped her get back on her feet. Leaning on Ned, Bea expresses her slight worry at how things might change when the new manager comes in. But Bea is thrown when she finds Mel scoping out the garage, interested in its potential and seeking Lucas’s contact details from Mark.



  • Episode airs on 08 February 2019

Having read Chloe’s card to Elly, Mel is rattled by the connection between them. Worried at what Mel might do with this information, Chloe assures Elly she’s going to take care of it. There’s a lot on the line and there’s a real chance Mel could tell Mark. Though Mel is hurt at being used by Chloe, it’s actually Elly that she wants answers from - one in particular: does Elly have feelings for Chloe in return? Elly denies it and offers Mel a deal – she’ll stay out of the way with Chloe if Mel will keep their secret. Mel promises she’s not going to tell.

When Dipi admits to Sonya that her tarot cards have predicted the death of someone close, Toadie is incensed by Dipi’s tactlessness and lack of support. Consumed by anger, Toadie misses some important calls - so they’re caught unawares when a social worker turns up on the doorstep. The Rebecchis are even more horrified to discover the inspector has been sent by Andrea’s lawyers, trying to find some way to prove Sonya is an unfit mother to Hugo.

An anxious Bea learns that Lucas is coming to hear a pitch from Mel to sell the garage, fearing if he goes through with it the business may vanish. Both Mark and Bea are surprised to learn that Lucas is tempted by a generous offer from Mel on behalf of Robinson Pines. But Lucas has been talking to potential new managers and wants to see how the business performs in new hands before making any hasty decisions. Bea realises she’ll have to pull out all the stops to help her new manager – everything needs to go like clockwork if she wants to keep her job.