NEIGHBOURS SPOILERS – 03/12 to 07/12


- Episode airs on 3 December 2018

Amy, Leo and Terese are pleased when Jane continues to be a positive influence on Paul. After spotting Leo and Terese together, Jane asks Amy about Paul’s reaction to the surprising couple and Amy avoids mentioning Paul’s extreme vengeance.

Jane congratulates Terese on her new romance, mentioning her own happiness at the relationship that’s burgeoning between her and Paul, this pique Terese’s guilt. She eventually confesses to Jane why they really asked her to come – and spills the beans on Paul’s vindictive behaviour.

When Terese and Leo come home to a house full of twenty-somethings playing drinking games, Leo wants to join in. However, Terese’s answers in the game pique her unease about the age difference in their relationship.

Sonya’s irritability increases, unknowingly suffering withdrawal symptoms thanks to Alice’s machinations. Meanwhile, Alice grasps another opportunity to make Sonya look bad, showing Toadie one of Nell’s drawings in which Sonya appears menacing and angry. Toadie then checks in with Nell.


- Episode airs on 4 December 2018

Paul declares his feelings and begs Jane to stay. She turns to Dipi for an outsider’s perspective on what’s been going on. Meanwhile Terese and Susan make it clear to Paul that he and Jane will never work if he follows his old pattern of expecting a woman to make him a better person.

Jane organises a family meeting, so Paul is forced to be vulnerable. He tells Leo and Terese how much they hurt him, and also apologises to David for putting him in the middle.

Under the impression his test results for the Huntington’s gene are still a while off, Mark’s thrown when David pulls some strings. Mark misdirects his frustration at Bea and snaps at her at the garage. Bea tells Ned about the incident and, protective, he confronts Mark spoiling for a fight.

Changes at Erinsborough High begin to take their toll when Jane tells Elly that staff are no longer allowed off-site during the school day. Susan thinks Jane’s new rules and staff dress code are antiquated. Elly’s stunned when Jane confronts her the following morning and tells her she has to reduce her staff by one.


- Episode airs on 5 December 2018

Elly tries to reason with Jane, but all attempts fall on deaf ears. Not wanting to burden Mark or Susan, Elly finds comfort in Chloe.

The 2 women spend a fun, girly afternoon together, with Chloe ensuring Elly feels buoyed. During a moment of deep connection, Chloe’s feelings for Elly grow to the point where impulse takes over.

David’s concerned Aaron’s using intense exercise as a means to deal with his fear over potentially having the Huntington’s gene. David turns to Leo to vent his frustrations, prompting Leo to deliver Aaron some tough love… He needs to stop thinking only of himself, this issue impacts David too.

Dipi feels guilty about the role she played in Elly's dilemma. Dipi lets slip to Susan, prompting Susan to confront Jane about the choices she’s making at the school.


- Episode airs on 6 December 2018

The family gathers at the hospital, anxiously waiting to see what fate Mark’s been dealt. Elly feels an overwhelming urge to cement her relationship with Mark and surprises him with a proposal.

Aaron tells David he’ll now have the test and the couple head to the hospital to do it. Chloe does her best to assure Elly the event (from 5 December) was a meaningless non-event.

Alice dumps Toadie’s laptop and makes an anonymous phone call to the police, ensuring it’s found. Toadie’s pleased to have it back, unaware Alice has tampered with it for some nefarious reason.

Toadie becomes worried about Sonya, whose flu like symptoms are getting worse. Alice takes delight in seeing Sonya’s withdrawal unfolding just as she hoped. Alice begins playing on Sonya’s disoriented state, orchestrating for her to ‘find’ photos of Andrea on Toadie’s laptop. Sonya fears the worst, believing Toadie must still hold a candle for Andrea. She has a meltdown, angrily confronting her husband.


- Episode airs on 7 December 2018

Alice encourages Toadie to go to work while she looks after ‘sick’ Sonya. When a disorientated Sonya wakes up alone in the house, she goes searching for Toadie and finds herself lost and vulnerable in an unfamiliar place. Alice raises the alarm when she realises Sonya is missing.

Toadie is none the wiser about his manipulative nanny and as he rallies the troops to look for his wife, night falls. Alone, disoriented, and quaking with withdrawal symptoms, Sonya crosses paths with a group of Christmas revellers passing round a bottle of sparkling. They offer her a bottle.

When Amy pays Gary’s way after a meal yet again, he’s left feeling out of sorts. He tries to get over it but feels like his lack of money is thrown in his face when Amy offers to pay for flights and accommodation to New York to see Jimmy for Christmas.

Xanthe feels guilty about the money situation she’s put her dad in with Amy. Xanthe decides to spend the summer weeks earning money however she can, determined to contribute to Gary’s repayment plan. When Paul catches wind of Xanthe’s ambitions, he uses his influence to offer her a job back at the day spa.


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