Viewing figures for TORCHWOOD was improving every year, so you would guess the BBC would just keep to the the winning formula right? Nope, they totally changed the show into a more American format and then added new characters nobody really cared about.


What was it? The sci-fi show was a spin-off from Doctor Who, as a team of very skilled people investigated the unusual and extraterrestrial. After starting on BBC3, the show was shifted to BBC2 and then BBC1 because of popular demand. The show was daring and constantly explored human corruption and LGBT relationships.

Who starred in it? John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Burn Gorman, Naoko Mori, Gareth David-Lloyd

Why should it return?  Torchwood was looking like a BBC classic until they added the American dribble. Creator of the series Russel T Davies is apparently not keen on the continued American crossover and that suits us. Lets go back to Torchwood at its best, a team with flaws in the UK chasing down aliens.

Any chance of it happening?  Not just yet. John Barrowman in 2016 suggested politics was holding the show back despite him attempting to get another series off the ground. The actor recently announced that there would be an audio series based on the Torchwood comic.

Episodes: 41
Series: 4
Years Aired: 2006-2011
Wikipedia: Link