Ratings had fell by a small amount when BAD GIRLS was dropped, but it was still receiving over 4 million viewers per episode. Its weekly rating (around 15th each week) remained the same, which points to a general fall in numbers throughout the television board.


What was it? A powerful and sometimes moving drama about inside fictional women only prison HMP Larkhall. The show followed staff members and inmates of G-Wing, with constant fights for power and many brutal scenes.

Who starred in it?  Kika Mirylees, Victoria Alcock, Helen Fraser, Jack Ellis, Tracey Wilkinson

Why should it return?  Australian series Wentworth Prison, which was taken by Channel 5 (now on 5Star) in August 2013 has already been renewed for a fifth season and is looking promising. Though to me, it (and Orange Is the New Black streaming on Netflix) has never got close to the storylines of Bad Girls and there are no leading women prison drama's currently on mainstream television.

Any chance of it happening?  Currently there is no news on a UK remake. There has certainly been movement overseas in the past, American channels HBO and NBC announced intentions to create a remake... but both have never released a series. Why wait for the American's to remake it though? Surely Bad Girls would have an audience in the UK?

Episodes: 107
Series: 8
Years Aired: 1999-2006
Wikipedia: Link