MAGIC RADIO has added another known name to their ranks of presenters, with TOM PRICE taking to the air between 15:00-18:00 every Saturday and Sunday.


During a chat with Telly Binge, Tom says he’s learned a lot since he began as a covering presenter, “On my first slot at Magic, I pressed so many of the wrong buttons that I crashed the computer and took the whole station off air! I had to fill dead air for several minutes, at which point an emergency CD started playing and the head of the station got an automated phone call. Three weeks later I was offered a permanent slot at the station!”

Is being a Magic presenter enjoyable? “I am having a fabulous time. I got to go and watch an exclusive Robbie Williams gig with thirty competition winners. He finished on Angels and of course everyone sang along, glorious.”


Magic entertains an audience of around 3.3 million across the UK on digital radio. He recently described the team as brilliant, and there’s no wonder why. The weekend cast already includes the names of Mel Giedroyc, Rick Astley and Kim Wilde.

Why should you tune into Tom though? “There will be great music and we will discuss incredibly complex issues. Imagine the Jeremy Vine show hosted by a grown man with the intelligence of a Labrador.” He added, “One recent topic was; what is the most stupid injury you have sustained whilst sober - The winner was a lady who fell and dislocated her shoulder whilst playing tag with her goat, I kid you not!”

There are also some weekly features, “My favourite is Call My Woof, a listener sends in some audio footage of their dog barking and myself and the audience have to guess the breed (#callmywoof). There is a split of people who love the feature and others who wonder what on earth the world has come to, for this to count as entertainment! This makes me extremely happy.”

If you recognise Tom from another avenue, it probably is most likely to be his past television exploits. He acted in Victoria (ITV), Torchwood (BBC) and Stella (SKY).

We asked the difference in performing on a microphone and acting on camera, “I adore radio because it is honest. Since a tiny boy, my Mum used to have the radio on all the time and I learnt to love the company, the spontaneity and the mistakes! Radio requires me to take a leap and not know how on earth your current sentence is going to end.” He continued, “Acting on camera requires concentration, and get myself into a controlled grove. I needed to hit each beat with the right words, movement and facial expression.”

In Torchwood, Tom performed as Andy Davidson (the policeman who was allies with Gwen Cooper). “I’ve just been in the studio recording a new audio drama with him and another Torchwood character. Andy is a genuine character, based on my ex-girlfriend’s Dad. He was a Welshman completely unfazed by anything, a perfect character trait and it worked wonders in the world of Torchwood because he can watch an alien chasing a centaur and just raise his eyebrows and wonder where the nearest Pizza place is! It was great fun to act and show to do, especially when it went to America.”


We know Tom is an avid Cold Feet fan by his tweets, but what else does he enjoy? “It’s fantastic that they have regurgitated Cold Feet. I was obsessed with Stranger Things(Netflix) and Bosch (Amazon). I also adored The Bridge, The Night Of, Making a Murderer, Friday Night Lights and Narcos.”

2017 is just around the corner, what is Tom planning? “The new series of my satirical news show The Leak returns on November 18, with confirmed guests in the shape of Miles Jupp, Jon Holmes, Lloyd Langford, Tiffany Stevenson and Labour’s Owen Smith. I am doing a radio show in the New Year on Radio Wales about being a Dad. I’m also in a new episode of Midsomer Murders which should be on your telly soon.”

Tom Price was talking to Telly Binge in October 2016. You can listen to Tom on Magic Radio Saturday’s on Sunday 3-6PM online at To find more about Tom, follow him on Twitter.