English actor, writer and foremost comedian TIM VINE is celebrating the release of a new live DVD. The disc is uniquely called, Tim Timinee Tim Timinee Tim Tim To You.


He spoke to Telly Binge about his most recent tour which the DVD is filmed from. “All the places I play at have audiences which are a lot of fun and I try to keep the crowds drowned in laughter.”

We asked him to pinpoint one location, “The Babbacombe Theatre in Torquay is a lovely place, and the people running it are very friendly. The audience response is explosive as they like to laugh in Torquay.”

Some comics love audience members to shout out in their routines, but Vine doesn’t go down this route. “If a comic can hear the crowd making remarks, then it would have to be a quiet night.”


After all, he is known by many for his great one-liners, funny jokes and humorous songs. In his spare time (and maybe gigs) Tim can play the guitar and piano – but apparently plays drums at his local church whilst also being in a previous band, The Flared Generation.

With this variety of talent, we asked the London born star which media he prefers. “Probably being in front of an audience on stage is my favourite thing. I like looking at a group of people who are laughing at something I’ve just said.”

The comedian often appears on various television shows, “I just loved doing Question Of Sport, there is a fun atmosphere on that show generated mainly from Phil Tufnell, Matt Dawson and Sue Barker. So as a guest, I knew my job was to join in and enjoy myself.”

He continued, “It was the darts special, I do love my darts. I was in awe of meeting Michael van Gerwen and Adrian Lewis but I tried not to show it too much. I hadn’t met them before. Phil lives quite near me, so once in a while our paths may cross in Marks & Spencer.”

We wondered - if you do stand-up for a living, what do you watch on television? “I like watching old reruns of Quincy because Jack Kulgman is always getting angry and I’m working my way through all the series with my Mum and Dad. I also love Strictly Come Dancing, Ed Balls was turning out to be one of my heroes. I like election shows too.”


2017 is fast approaching and Vine is looking forward, “I am doing panto and then getting over it. I would also quite like to take a pop singing exam, because a friend of mine’s daughter is about to take grade two pop singing - I didn’t know such a thing existed but I’m very keen!”

Tim Vine was talking to Telly Binge in November 2016. His new Tim Timinee Tim Timinee Tim Tim To You DVD is now available or you can visit his Twitter for updates.

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