UK shores have been hit by a new Norwegian television masterpiece, known as VALKYRIEN. Episode 1 aired on Channel 4, whilst the series is streaming on All4 and can be pre-ordered on DVD.


Sven Nordin stars in the series and says he joined the cast after loving the script, “I found it both challenging and original. The director is brilliant. I knew both the producers and main actors were very experienced.”

The actor has previously appeared in foreign shows such as Hos Martin, Lilyhammer and Mot I Brostet. Also appearing in the series are Erik Richter Strand, Bjorn Ekeberg and Thomas Torjussen.

Viewers of Valkyrien will see Sven take the role of Ravn, who is a doctor running an illegal clinic underground. “I found my character very colourful and interesting. His background is not typical for a doctor.”

“I decided to give him the backstory of a typical working class boy. He has worked his way to the top without help from family or any other influencing people."


"Ravn is a lonely wolf. His interest for being a doctor is closely connected to his fundamental beliefs in humanity.”

So how does an actor born in Oslo, act as an illegal doctor? Nordin says he did his research, “I got the opportunity to follow a gastro surgeon and his team in a Norwegian hospital for several weeks. I got to feel the atmosphere and the special tension you find in a room where very drastic decisions are made.”

Valkyrien is the latest Norwegian show to arrive in Britain following a string of others on Channel 4. It gobbled up Acquitted and Eyewitness, along with Young and Promising.

Sven says other shows could follow soon. “I think more series in the category of Nordic Noir will go international such as Grenseland and Monster.” Crime drama Grenseland is to star Tobias Santelmann, acting as a policeman trapped in an investigation of a suicide. Meanwhile fellow crime drama Monster stars Agnes Born, Karoline Arntzen and Natalia Aasheim.


Sven has an exciting future of his own, “I am touring Norway with a one man performance based on the Sweedish novel En Mann ved navn Ove. It’s also been nominated in the category for Best Foreign Movie 2017.”

Sven Nordin spoke to Telly Binge in August 2017. Valkyrien is available to pre-order on DVD. You can follow Sven via his official website.

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