Series Two of SUPERCAR MEGABUILD is being aired on National Geographic. The show has a trio aiming for motoring perfection.


SHANE LYNCH SUPERCAR MEGABUILD (Credit: National Geographic)

Boyzone star SHANE LYNCH is fronting the second season, and his love of vehicles started early. “Cars do run through my veins for sure. I was working on cars and motorbikes in my Father’s workshop from ten years of age. I had my own motorbikes by thirteen which I was custom fixing, building and racing. Engines have been around my life ever since.”

“From the beginning, music wasn’t really in the forefront of my mind - I just took a chance and luckily happened to be in a massive band. I started racing before Boyzone took over, that’s where racing ended for around seven years until the band called it a day (in 2000).”

How is Supercar Megabuild different from other shows? “It is the dynamic between the three of us. Everything we do is totally real; it’s more like a reality car show. Alex Prindiville will get a photo call globally for a Supercar – but this is what he does daily! His client will ask him to build certain things. Dan Barruffo is the builder and fabricator. I drive, test and race the cars. There is no pretending, it is real stuff and makes the show edgy.”

“The build is generally two to four weeks in real-time. The eight episodes were recorded over eight months, so it puts a lot of pressure on us. It just adds to the excitement and makes it explosive. Every episode has its own great hills to climb.”


SHANE LYNCH SUPERCAR MEGABUILD (Credit: National Geographic)

The latest series will see the team aiming to work with car brands such as Audi, Bentley, Jaguar and Porsche. You will even see World War 2 famous jet Spitfire making a cameo.

Though which car was the best to work with? “Our easiest, yet trickiest build was the Audi R8 for the Gymkhana Grid Greece. This is because we had more off-the-shelf parts to upgrade, compared to the usual massive custom work. Our deadline for the R8 was three weeks, but it took a week to get it shipped to Greece.”

Lynch appeared as a guest in 2016, before being announced as Host. “I messaged the producers when I first saw Series 1; it was just to congratulate them on being the best UK car show I had ever seen. It was just fabulous in terms of delivery, editing and production. Most car shows are on small budgets, so I was delighted to see a UK show have money behind it.”

“When they approached me to do (host) series two, I clearly knew it was an awesome show. I was more than delighted to join Supercar Megabuild.”

Meanwhile the celeb says his busy calendar can sometimes be challenging. “It’s difficult to align it, but that is just work ethic. My timeline is everything; I always hope things fit into place.”


BOYZONE - Mikey Graham, Keith Duffy, Shane Lynch, Ronan Keating

Shane added that Boyzone will be releasing new music soon. “Me and the boys are in the studio making a new album, it could be finished by October and we have five Summer shows lined up.” He admits Series 3 of Supercar Megabuild hasn’t been confirmed, but did tell us about his upcoming panto tour (Robin Hood and The Babes in the Wood), “It starts in December at the York Barbican and I will still be racing at the British Drift Championships.”

Shane Lynch spoke to Telly Binge in June 2017. Supercar Megabuild continues on National Geographic every Thursday at 8PM. For further updates on Shane visit his Official Website.

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