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Scott Mahoney is one of the star dealers in ITVs new motor show Deals, Wheels and Steals and has previously appeared as an extra in some low budget films.

In an exclusive to Telly Binge - Scott spoke to us about the show, how he got involved and why he is the best dealer in the series.

The show begun in September and Scott says the programme suits him, "I've been in the motor trade for most of my adult life and Attaboy approached me through the Starnow website." Starnow is a talent profile website, which allows potential employers look for new actors, models and musicians.

Scott Mahoney Deals Wheels Steals 2015

Deals, Wheels and Steals is focused on car auctions and Scott thinks he has the edge over everybody else, "I am a good poker player, have experience, ruthlessness and can spot others weaknesses. Most of all, I know what the cars sell for."

So why should you watch the show? "This is about real traders, who make their living at auctions and not celebrities who like cars. I think everyone would have twenty Ferraris if they could, but it's not like that."

Meanwhile Scott says the cameras were no bother to his concentration, "It was my money, so I forgot about the camera after a while." He continued, "I liked the orange BMW car the best, it was just something different."

Scott Mahoney Deals Wheels Steals 2015
If you are considering buying a second hand motor, the dealer has one big tip. "Get a copy of the brochure or check out the website before you visit. If you are going to an auction, see what the prices are for the same vehicles on the net and don't forget the auction fees!"

Scott Mahoney was talking to Telly Binge in September 2015. He currently runs a leasing company and you can find out more by visiting

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