Interview with THE GREAT BRITISH BENEFIT HANDOUT star SCOTT GAVIN, who appeared in Series 1. He discusses Liverpool’s new party room, the progress of Party Central Entertainments and foreign holidays.

Throughout 2016 and 2017, selected unemployed families were given a lump sum of £26,000. Channel 5 who made this possible, filmed how they spent the cash and told them to sign off the dole throughout the process.


The Gavin Family were one of the first recipients, and a current business success story. Scott originally setup Party Central Entertainments in 2016, and recently opened the Jungle Party Room in Kirkby, Liverpool.

“I was talking about the rescue animals I’ve taken in, and a lot of them being aggressive. Leanne thought of the party room idea, and hoped that we could use the animals to help fund them living here.”

“There is no other rooms like it in the United Kingdom. It has a turtle pond, giant waterfalls, live plants. It’s great fun. We do parties, parent toddler mornings and school education.”

“The build has cost us nearly £20,000 and it isn’t complete, we will be adding things throughout the months. It was very time consuming.”

It includes many creatures. “We have anacondas, Burmese pythons, turtles and terrapins. You’ll see tarantulas, tenrecs and frogs. There is also an enclosure awaiting meerkats.”


Scott spoke to Telly Binge in 2017, and said plans were underway to create a zoo. Has he given that idea up? “I have been looking this year but not had any luck. I think we will buy a house that has a few acres, that I can live on and setup the zoo there.”

We then asked how his business has been so successful. “Myself and the staff all have qualifications working with animals, DBS checks and licenses. We give everyone at visits our devotion.”

He admits his biggest struggle so far has been the company's bouncy castles. “They was too much work and we didn’t have the time.”

Series 2 of The Great British Benefits Handout ran in 2017, but Channel 5 have not announced a Series 3 yet. “I think it would be a good idea. Though all families need to properly research their business ideas and see if there is a true demand.”

“Advertising is the biggest and most important part of any business. I didn’t see any advertising from the other families (with Tidy and Sons being the latest to terminate trading). I advertise on social networks, newspapers, shops and radio stations.”


2018 will be full stream ahead too. “I aim to fill our bank in the next six months, after spending so much on The Jungle Room.”

“We are looking at heading to Fuerteventura in December for 3 months, and look to buy a villa and a bar/restaurant. We hope to live there, but still have the businesses over here.”

Telly Binge spoke to Scott Gavin in March 2018. Keep up date with Party Central Entertainments by following it on Facebook.

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