RUSSELL PETERS INTERVIEW (The Indian Detective, Netflix)

RUSSELL PETERS INTERVIEW (The Indian Detective, Netflix)

Interview with THE INDIAN DETECTIVE star RUSSELL PETERS, who appears as Doug. He discusses the show’s Netflix debut on 19 December, filming in Mumbai and his 2018 stand-up tour.

Following a cop, comedy-drama The Indian Detective will show Doug D’Mello investigating a murder and uncovering a dangerous scheme.

Peters recently described the show as fun and easy to watch. “It’s light and it will take your mind off all the rubbish that is going on in the world today. There is a truly multi-cultural cast from around the world. It has got beautiful locations and a great looking cast.”

The show has been in development for five years, “This is a different version of it, from when it started with different people. It came, and then went away so many times - I’d actually forgotten about it. Finally we got Frank Spotnitz attached and then it started to come together. I’m actually very happy with the show.”


His character D’Mello is a policeman who has been suspended. “Doug goes to India to see his father, whom he hasn’t seen in five years. When he gets there, he meets a young and beautiful lawyer who looks after the poorest people in Mumbai’s Annapuri Slum.”

“Doug gets pulled into helping her solve the murder. It turns out to be part of a much bigger crime syndicate.”

Shows are dependent on relatable characters, but can Doug connect to viewers? “He just can’t seem to catch a break. He wants to be a detective, but keeps screwing up along the way.” Peters added, “I had a great time playing him, it was written for me. I got to add a lot of my own personality to the character.”

The series has a rich cast such as Scott Cavalheiro, Christina Cole and Daniel DeSanto. “The cast of the show is ridiculous, they are all great. Anupam Ker is amazing as my father (Stanley), Hamza Haq plays two roles and is a scene stealer as Gopal and his twin brother Amal. Mishqah Parthiephal is perfect as Priya and Meren Reddy (Inspector Devo) was fantastic.”

The Indian Detective was shot in three different locations – Cape Town, Mumbai and Toronto. “I loved filming in Mumbai; it’s one of my most favourite places in the world. I only wish we could have been there longer.”

Russell is most recognised for being a comedian, and appearing in 2011 movie Source Code. “The film was fun to shoot. My career highlight was the first time I sold out the Air Canada Centre (in my hometown of Toronto). I actually felt a sense of accomplishment.”


In 2018, he will begin the Deported World Tour, “It starts in Australia and I’ll be coming to the United Kingdom in April to play at Wembley and a few other venues. I can’t wait because I am really pumped about my new act.”

Telly Binge spoke to Russell Peters in December 2017, visit his official website for tour updates. The Indian Detective drops on Netflix from 19 December.