Interview with NEIGHBOURS actor ROB MILLS, who plays Finn. He talks about stalking Bea, playing a bad guy and the villain's return.

Finn Kelly last appeared in Neighbours when he locked Bea, Elly and Susan in a container. The girls have since been rescued.

So what were Finn’s motives behind locking them up? “I think he just wanted them to suffer a little bit – he is a bit crazy.”

“He has definitely been watching the girls, finding out that Bea’s been seeing a psychologist. He wants to manipulate her for his own crazy revenge.”

The character has now been missing isappeared since 11 July, but where has Finn been hiding? “His ex-wife has a property she never goes to, which is just out of town in the bush. He has been there, knowing no one ever visits that place.”

“I think Bea has been an idiot trying to find him – this guy locked her up in a shipping container and lied about who he was. I think she’s quite naive and young. It’s a bit silly of her to try and track him down.”

“She’s not in the knowledge that he’s been tracking her - this whole time. He’s always about three steps ahead.”


Mills then teased the character will return soon, “You’ll see in the next couple of weeks - Finn Kelly will be back on our screens!”

“Bea tracks him down. I think Finn is just revelling in the fact she’s finally found him. It’s a bit of a cliff-hanger as to how it all plays out.”

The casting of Finn was a unique opportunity for Rob, after always playing a different type of character. “I love playing a bad guy! I’ve always been the romantic lead in musicals, so it’s super fun being a villain. You get to tap into some dark places and really channel some ugly characters you’ve met in your time.”

“It’s challenging because I feel like I’m a pretty nice guy and sometimes when I have to abuse some of the women in the show, I find that a bit gut wrenching. I also just have to leave it on set and realise that Finn is not me.

He also paid tribute to the soap. “Neighbours is an incredible show, iconic and I grew up watching it as a child. I love being a part of great story-lines and playing a villain is fun.”

Away from the television series, Rob has been seen on American Idol. He has hosted talent show Young Talent Time and also toured with Jesus Christ Superstar and Ghost the Musical.

“I remember seeing Wicked and vowed that I would get the role of Fiyero. So my greatest achievement is probably that – going back to Australia and taking more acting and dancing lessons. I got the role off my own back, with four auditions over three months.”

Telly Binge spoke to Rob Mills in November 2018. Follow him on Twitter for updates.

Neighbours airs Monday to Friday at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5. You can catch up on My5.