Composer of hit series Luther, PAUL ENGLISHBY will be well known by many who watch BBC shows. He was most recently involved in the soundtracks for Season 2 and 3 of THE MUSKETEERS, which is due out on CD at the start of July. 



Speaking to Telly Binge, he says the music tells a story. “I wanted to write a thematic score, I gave many of the characters themes and there is a big heroic Musketeers hero theme.”

Paul won a Emmy Award for drama Page Eight and says The Musketeers was great fun to write, “I tried to tease the theme across each episode and then really let it go at the climaxes. The score is a nod to the golden age of film scoring. It used classical techniques to heighten the action, romance and drama.”

BAFTA nominated Murray Gold left the soundtrack after Series One, presenting an opportunity. “I was contacted by Jess Pope (Executive Producer) and Colin Wratten (Producer). I’d worked with them before on Good Cop, Inside Men and A Mother’s Son. They asked if I’d come on board, asking for a bigger, more sweeping score.” He continued, “It’s wonderful for a composer to have that big orchestral pallet and to be given such encouragement to really go for it with the music.”


Did you know that Paul once tutored Nicholas Cage? “I have had lots of jobs in music, whilst slowing establishing myself as a full time composer. I’ve taught Nicholas Cage the mandolin and conducting for Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2001 film). I helped Hugh Grant with the guitar for About a Boy (2002 film) and I wrote songs with Jennifer Love Hewitt for If Only (2004 film).”

Englishby was quick to praise the celebrities, “They have been great and dedicated. They only get to where they are by wanting to be thoroughly prepared and look totally convincing.”

He has been writing and composing for four seasons of Luther. In 2014 the series was nominated for a BAFTA under Original Television Music, “It has been a real treat, you never know how a show will be received when you start on a project. It’s really gratifying when it does well. It’s especially rewarding when you feel that you have all been dedicated to making something special and unique.”

He added praise for the directors, “They and particularly Sam Miller have been great to work with. They have always encouraged an original musical voice, used sometimes, unconventionally in relation to the picture.”

Meanwhile Paul is always posting about books on social media. “I like novels by Haruki Marakami, Rose Tremain and Henning Mankell. I do read a lot of books about music and composers, recently Benjamin Britten, Bemstein and Beethoven. I studied at The Royal Academy of Music and Goldsmiths College, so I give myself a musical MOT every now and again.”

What’s next for the musician? “I am writing a ballet for the National Ballet of Canada. It’s 100 minutes for big orchestra but I am having a ball! It’s a new version of Pinocchio and will open in Toronto before touring in 2017. In Autumn I’m writing the score for the RSC’s The Tempest which will be a production featuring Live Motion Capture technology for the first time on stage.”


Paul Englishby was talking to Telly Binge in June 2016. The soundtrack of The Musketeers Season 2 and 3 is available to buy on Silva Screen Music.

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