Interview with OUR GIRL actor OLLY RIX, who plays Bones. He talks 2 Section, Michelle Keegan and The Spanish Princess.

Series 3 of Our Girl (available on DVD from 30 July) shows 2 Section trying to free schoolgirls in Nigeria. They are then posted to Bangladesh, where they work in a refugee camp for families fleeing Myanmar.


This is the first season we see Special Forces soldier Bones, with Rix saying the BBC approached him. “I’d auditioned for Captain James, so maybe they remembered me from that? I was very flattered.”

“I had not seen any of the show because I’d been abroad, but I was aware of its success and popularity. I just loved the role, everyone loves a wild one!”

“I have been so overwhelmed by the public response. I’d like to take this chance to say a massive thank you, I’m blown away by your thoughts and kindness.”


The actor recently admitted he tried to keep his distance from the cast, but why? “Bones is so abrasive and aloof, I didn’t want to get too pally off-screen and undermine that.”

“They are a lovely cast and that plan quickly went out the window. I’ve got a lot of respect for Michelle Keegan (Lane), our scenes were always very meaningful to me. Brains (Simon Lemmon) and Rab (Harki Bhambra) also took exacting criticism from Bones like absolute champs! To help Fingers (Sean Ward) pick his self-esteem up was satisfying too.”

We then asked Olly how much he knew about the series. “I was aware of the Nigerian school girls kidnapping and the terrorist organisation Boko Haram. Whilst the script draws on that story, it was still a fictionalised version.”

“These things happen for real, and sometimes people need an abrupt reminder of that.”

Who really is Bones? “He doesn’t suffer fools, doesn’t like incompetence and he is pretty exacting.”

“When Bones and Georgie meets, she sees him undercover. He’s extremely harsh with her to preserve his mission. They have a very close understanding of one another - he sees her maverick element, something he’s knowingly guilty of himself and he’s determined to make her channel it.”

When 2 Section gets lost, it’s up to Bones and his Special Forces Unit to try and help them. “It’s generally incompetence from the Section. They’re meant to be doing a training exercise. They take the insane decision to go back to base and leave two of their own out in both Narco territory and wild jungle.”

“It’s the job of Special Forces to know extensively on any area of the world. They’re assisted by Two Section who are monitoring drone footage simultaneously to their on-the-ground efforts.” Though the question remains, can they help save the duo lost?


Olly now says his focus is going towards a new series. “I’m currently filming The Spanish Princess for Starz, it’s the third instalment of Philippa Gregory adaptations about the War of the Roses leading into the Tudor dynasty.”

Telly Binge spoke to Olly Rix in July 2018. Follow him on Twitter for updates.

Series 3 of Our Girl is available on DVD (along with the Complete Series 1-3 Box Set) from 30 July.