NOEL CLARKE stars in ITV drama THE LEVEL which has just been released on DVD. He has appeared in TV series such as Doctor Who and has written, directed and starred in big screen hits including Adulthood and Brotherhood.


Telly Binge caught up with Noel to ask him how he prepared to appear on The Level. “I always watch crime shows and touched base with the people I worked with on Chasing Shadows (another ITV drama which aired in 2014).”

The London born star appears as Gunner Martin, a detective who likes to work by himself. “I made sure he was a lot more contained than I am as a person. He became quite brooding and moody.”


Continuing about the Detective Sergeant, “Gunner likes problems and working problems out. Everything is a puzzle that needs to be solved, and nothing more. He believes that he can solve most puzzles and that’s what drives him. Everyone is guilty until eliminated from his enquiries.”

Before the series aired, Clarke described his character as a lone wolf. We asked how Gunner copes with working as a team with Nancy, “It is part of his job and he’s taken a bit of a shine to her, although he is not one to give much away. You can see though when she’s in danger, that he is very much on edge and is more concerned than just the average colleague.”

DS Nancy Devlin is performed by Karla Crome, “She was one of the reasons I wanted to do the job. I love that Karla acts, writes and really has her head screwed on.”

In a recent interview, Noel was very positive towards Crome saying she had risen through the ranks. “She was a dream to work with. We had quite good chemistry as friends, decent banter and got on really well. Karla even came to the Brotherhood premier which was nice!”


For you Doctor Who fans, we asked the actor his favourite part about the BBC set. “It was a lot of fun, with all the monsters and gadgets. It was a great part of my life and career that I won’t ever forget.”

What’s next? “The Brotherhood DVD is out soon. I am launching my graphic novel collection of the comic I’ve written. I’ll be producing, acting, writing and a lot more things.”

Noel Clarke was talking to Telly Binge in November 2016. To get more updates on Noel, you can follow him on Twitter. The Level has just been released on DVD from RLJ Entertainment.

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