BROKENWOOD MYSTERIES is finally arriving in the UK. We spoke to show actor NIC SAMPSON, who you may know from Go Girls and Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


The television show, produced in New Zealand follows a team of detectives as they aim to solve murder cases. It has been picked up by UK channel Drama.

Sampson is behind Sam Breen, a rookie detective. “Breen often gets saddled with the less-savoury jobs like digging through trash or interviewing local lunatics. He tackles these with a healthy dose of sarcasm. His weaknesses are clowns, spiders and having his precious suits ruined.”

His character works behind Mike Shephard, the Senior Sergeant (acted by Neill Rea). “Sam idolises him. He probably thinks he is like a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Al Pacino. He's obsessed with country music for some unfathomable reason!”


Though with Sam still being a rookie, is there any jealousy? “Sam probably gets more jealous of Kristen getting to head off with Mike in his cool car all the time, while he has to stay behind and follow leads up.”

Brokenwood Mysteries began in 2014, and has already been renewed for a fourth season which will air in New Zealand this year. Drama will debut the show in the UK this month, and Nic says it improves every season. “I think Season Three has my favourite episodes in it because the show has found its groove. It’s really working with its strengths. At this point Brokenwood could probably use more than three detectives to keep up with it all.”

He continued, “You can expect car chases and dastardly inventive murders. You will see a lot more people die than you would think possible for a tiny town.”

Many critics of Brokenwood Mysteries have been impressed by the plot, but what has made it such a success? “Everyone loves a good mystery, and it is a refreshing spin on that genre. A lot of detective shows are very dark, like The Missing or The Killing”

“Brokenwood is much lighter and has managed to capture the New Zealand style without seeming too hokey” (apparently this means it isn’t an excessive tear-jerker). “I will be returning, unless the first murder of Season 4 is me! I hope Tim Balme (Head Writer) doesn’t do that!”

Nic’s career has also seen him perform as a comedian. He says performing to a stage is very different, “When you perform in front of an audience you get instance feedback. When I do it in front of a camera, you get comments about five months later! I recently did some comedy on a plane in mid-flight – I was asked but I don’t think the passengers particularly cared for it”. It doesn’t seem that Nic has a lot of luck on planes judging by this tweet.


2017 is looking busy, “I will be working on the new season of Funny Girls, it’s a kiwi sketch comedy that I am very lucky to write and perform on. It’s a superb show starring New Zealand’s best comedians, including Rose Matafeo and Laura Daniel). You can watch our sketches on YouTube.

Nic Sampson was talking to Telly Binge in February 2017. Brokenwood Mysteries is airing on Drama (Friday at 20:00) or catch it on UKTV Play. Follow Nic on Twitter for future updates.

UPDTATE 15/07 - Brokenwood Mysteries is now available on DVD.