Natalie Madueno is the star of BBC4 drama series Follow the Money, whilst she has also appeared in 2014 show On The Edge.

In a recent chat with Telly Binge, Natalie has said Follow the Money is unique, "It is not a classical who did it crime series, but more of how did they do it. It's a different form of build-up and it's been very exciting to work with. The theme of greed and economical crime isn't something you normally see."

It's clear the characters have been well thought, "Mads, Nicky and Claudia live in very different layers of the society. Even though they don't know each other, their stories slowly intertwine."

Her own character, Claudia, works for Energreen who is continuously getting itself further into illegal shenanigans. "She wants to be the best at her job, works hard, has a very strong drive and high ambitions. She doesn't realise how deep in she is, until it's too late to turn back.”

"Deceit makes her blind to the realities. She wants to believe they are doing the right thing, so bad that she doesn't realise she's going down the wrong path. Sander (CEO of the company) makes her believe that they are on the right path, every time she doubts it. He ends up offering her a way out, if she will just help him clean up the mess."

The show resolves around finance and law, "I knew practically nothing about the financial sector, crime, law or anything. I really had to do my research, but that's one of the best things about my job! Reading and gathering knowledge about things you normally wouldn't."

How did she prepare? "I started reading the financial sections of the papers and read a bunch of stuff on the internet or in books. I took lessons at law school, at the University of Copenhanger. I spoke to a young female lawyer and a very experience high ranking lawyer."

Follow the Money is Danish and aired in Denmark, back in January 2016. "I knew there were big chances that people would like it. There was some fear inside me, that worried that; maybe it wasn't as good as I thought." It has now been picked up by countries including Belgium, Finland and The Netherlands. "As soon as it aired that disappeared, and as far as I know, you love in the UK too, which I am very happy and relieved about."


Away from set, Natalie has a love of watching television. "I just finished the fourth season of House of Cards. It's well written, complex, beautifully produced and extremely well played. I love Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Lars Mikkelsen. Lars is extremely talented and one of the best actors in Denmark." She added, "I also just started watching Girls and I am a big fan - The most loveable, yet annoying characters."

Are there any future projects in the pipeline? "I have a movie that I am doing later this year! I am shooting the second series of Follow the Money! So if you liked the first season, there is more coming."

Natalie Madueno was talking to Telly Binge in April 2016. Follow the Money is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday 25 April by Nordic Noir & Beyond.