Around 700,000 people in the UK could be autistic, so raising awareness to this fast-growing disability should be applauded. A documentary has recently been started by TV personality MONICA PRICE which aims to inform the public of the life changing impact Autism can have on a child and their family members.


The documentary named LET ME IN has spanned three countries including the United Kingdom, United States and Jamaica. Monica says that Lena McCalla Njee gave her the idea, “On CUPPA TV, Lena was one of my guests and blew me away with her autistic knowledge and techniques used on children.” Monica had previously worked with autistic children as a qualified Nutritionist.

With that experience, the seed began, “At the time of the show, I told her we should do a documentary. Eighteen months later and here we are! Autism has such a broad spectrum and every single child is different. I want the documentary to show that these are still children. The correct help and support can make such a difference to their lives.”

“I want to allow the viewers to see how families live with autistic children and the effects it has on everyone around them. It will look at the care given in each of the three countries, to see if there is any difference in technique which could be expanded around the world.”


Monica hopes that a documentary can potentially create a debate among others. “Let’s look at how we treat autism around the world. We will be filming families in their homes and at support groups. We want to give a bird’s eye view into a life of an autistic child or young adult.”

The autistic documentary will feature Boyzone celebrity Keith Duffy. “I am thrilled to have Keith on board. He has a daughter (Mia), who is autistic and is keen to help. Keith has agreed to narrate the whole series. It's a true testament of how supportive he is of the project.” She continued, “We are working with Tom Bowes (known as Autistic Genius). He has Asperger’s and his honest opinions are a breath of fresh air.”

So far the feature has sponsors such as MBK Training Ltd and Bright Kids Children’s Nurseries. Monica is keen to get more. “I want to have business support because only sixteen precent of autistic adults in the UK are in full time employment, these statistics are alarming.”

Away from the documentary and Monica says her stint on Black Country Radio as a Radio Presenter was good fun, “It was a blast! I loved my Breakfast Show and miss the listeners. I'm always up for radio because I love my music.”

Meanwhile the host says 2017 will be exciting, “I will be interviewing acts from Shardfest for my show Late Night.” She added, “I wrote and produced a stage show called Survive, a musical telling the stories of seven people living with and surviving types of cancer. It had rave reviews, so I am hoping that might be my next big project!”


Monica Price was talking to Telly Binge in March 2017. Let Me In is scheduled to air on Latest TV in Brighton. Keep update with Monica by visiting her official website.

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