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Miles Roughley is a promising young actor who has already appeared on Les Miserables, Sky Atlantic's Mr Sloan and more recently Partners In Crime.

In an exclusive to Telly Binge, we spoke to Miles and asked him about his acting, what the future holds and his favourite bits so far.

In July, Partners In Crime launched on BBC One with Miles acting as George, "He is the son of Tommy and Tuppence, he's quite a serious boy and quite grown up for his age."

Miles Roughley Where Does A Window Cleaner Get His Water 2015

The 12 year old was approached about the role through his agency A&J Management, "I was invited to meet the casing director for the show. A couple of weeks later, I went back to meet the producers. It wasn't at all nerve wracking because everyone was so nice!"

The show is to include some well-known faces and Miles was excited to get involved, "I am a big fan of David Walliams, his books are just so funny - I was really chuffed to work with him."

One of his biggest roles to date included being part of Les Miserables, as a member of Gavroche's Gang. "It was such an experience, the set was so life like and they really had thought of everything, down to the last detail. It was like walking into another world."

The title starred one of Miles' favourite actors, Russell Crowe, "I was so lucky that I got to meet him, he was really lovely. A few weeks after I'd finished filming, Russell sent me a couple of caps for his Sydney rugby team The Rabbitohs with a little note. I have got them up on my bedroom wall and I am now a big Rabbioh's fan!"

Last year, Roughley appeared on comedy series, Mr Sloan, "I watched the whole series and I laughed so much! I think Nick Frost is such a funny actor. He doesn't even need to say anything to make me laugh, sometimes just a look is enough!"

Miles Roughley Les Miserables Gang 2015
The future looks particularly bright for Miles and he has just finished a new project, "I have just been filming in Cornwall for the new series of Doc Martin, where I play a boy called Harry. I got to do a fight scene which was so much fun!"

Miles Roughley was talking to us in July 2015. To find out more about him, visit his official directory at A&J Management.