Maxime Taffanel is an upcoming actor who recently appeared in Disparue. Commonly known in the UK as The Disappearance, the first season was released on DVD in July.


Maxime Taffanel Interview

He performs as Thomas (Lea’s brother). The eight-part thriller sees Lea Morel a teenage girl from Lyon disappear, and the police investigation which follows. What has happened to her?

Speaking to Telly Binge, we asked him why the character didn’t take Lea’s disappearance seriously at first. “I think it was not the first time Lea didn’t come back on time. Thomas had probably been exposed to this situation before. He should have looked for her after the disappearance.”

After Lea is reported as missing, the police do some initial interviews. Unfortunately Thomas doesn’t help himself. “He lied to the police in the first place, which obviously makes him a prime suspect.”

Maxime Taffanel Interview

The Disappearance is just one of many recent new foreign shows to be broadcast on UK Television. We asked Taffanel why it was different from others, “It’s a very sensitive subject. The Disappearance was the first series to adapt the Spanish scenario.”

Fans have been clambering at news that a spin off show could be in the making, but Maxine knows nothing about it yet. “If there is one, I would be thrilled to take part!”

Meanwhile the French actor has been advertising an ambitious funding interactive TV project on his Twitter. “Falltown is a fantasy and humorous web-series that follows a group of high school teenagers trying to survive a zombie attack. They are prisoners of a gigantic chessboard manipulated by the viewers themselves! We have collected enough money to develop the first episode, which will be out by the end of August.”

So how does it work? “Falltown allows internet users to have a level of involvement previously unseen. They vote at the end of every episode for the character they want to save. The character that gathers the less votes will be purely devoured in the next episode, at best!”

Maxime Taffanel Interview

With 2016 halfway through, what’s next? “I have participated in Falltown (above), where I play an interesting and funny character. I have also shot a short film called Passer Les Champs, which came out not so long ago. I am rehearsing for a theatre play called Presque L’Italie with my group Collectif Colette. We will be playing in Tours (October) and Paris (November).

Maxime Taffanel was talking to Telly Binge in July 2016. The Disappearance’s first season was released on DVD in July.

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