Interview with THE ORVILLE star MARK JACKSON, who appears as Isaac. He discusses why he first joined the Fox series, the Kaylon race and his love of Star Trek.


Set 400 years in the future, sci-Fi comedy series The Orville follows the crew (both human and alien) of an exploratory spaceship. They will face the wonders and dangers of outer space and everyday life.

Mark says the words Seth MacFarlane, sci-fi and Los Angeles attracted him. “The audition came through my UK agent, and I thought it was too good to be true. Everything about the project excited me – the caliber of the people attached to it, the show’s vision and the opportunity to create a brand new creature.”

“I got offered the part after six weeks of suspense. It couldn’t have been better timed because I was stepping onto a plan to Barcelona for a holiday. There was much sangria (Spanish alcohol) that night.”


His character Isaac is an artificial life-form from the planet Kaylon. “He is mysterious, intelligent and quite forthright. Not much is known about the Kaylon, as they lie outside of Union jurisdiction.”

Though being unknown to others, is not always a good thing. “There really hasn’t been much interaction between the Union and Kaylon, so as you’ll see from Isaac’s opening scene, the captain accuses him of some pretty unpleasant stuff.”

“Is that just the deeply neurotic complexity of the human condition bouncing off Isaac’s sexy shiny head? You’ll have to watch to find out.”

The Orville is currently showing on Fox UK, but has already begun in America. Jackson said previously that the US ratings improved once the second episode aired. The show stars Adrianne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald and Scott Grimes.

So why is The Orville so popular? “It appeals to people across the social spectrum. The humor does it for younger viewers, but my Mum has friends in church saying how much they were enjoying it. The series will make you gasp, swoon and laugh yourself silly.”

“From the response on social media it has became clear that whole families are watching it together. There are not that many television shows which have that appeal.”

“What was very satisfying is that the show defied the critics. The reviews after the premier stunk. The audience figures though began to rise and rise. I believe it was recently hailed as autumn’s biggest new show which is staggering.”


The British actor is also a fan of other sci-fi shows. “I am watching the current Star Trek and loving it! They have a great cast and hugely imaginative stories. I’m a big fan of The Expanse."

The great thing about sci-fi is that it can be anything! The skies are actually not the limit. This genre is for the day dreamers and scientifically minded. It has the ability to come up with answers, before the questions.”

Jackson says he is looking forward to continuing his journey. “We have been picked up for another series, so that’s good news. My LA adventure will continue, I’ve been exploring a lot of California by car, driving there has to be the best in the world. I am writing this whilst lying by the pool in the December sun.”

Telly Binge spoke to Mark Jackson in December 2017, follow him on Twitter for updates.

The Orville is airing Thursdays at 9pm, only on FOX.