Marie Dompnier Witnesses 2015

Marie Dompnier is well known for recently performing in television series Witnesses, whilst she has also appeared in Diplomatie and Lez Gazelles.

Exclusively speaking to Telly Binge, we caught up with the Toulouse born actress and asked why somebody should watch Witnesses, her favourite career moments and the future.

Witnesses (now available on Blu-Ray) aired on Channel 4 in the Summer and Marie says it's very different, "Creator Herve Hadmar created a unique look and atmosphere that people are intrigued about. It's a series that is unlike anything before and I am very proud to be a part of it. I am very excited for the second series and I am pleased to see such a good reaction (to Witnesses) in the United Kingdom."

Marie Dompnier Witnesses 2015
The seeds of the actress being invited onto the show were planted four years ago. "I met Herve in 2011 in a workshop, actors in front of camera. He was at the beginning of the writing (for Witnesses), and I think I fitted the look of Sandra. He offered me the part but we still had to convince the production and the broadcaster, which proved to be difficult. It was a great opportunity for me."

In Witnesses, Marie acts as Sandra, "She is a very anxious woman, frightened to death by the fact that things end and that people she loves could die. She's fragile inside but doesn't show that to the others. To counter her fear, she wants to control everything which is obviously impossible. As an actress, this paradox was very interesting to play."

Dompnier also says this is her greatest career moment so far, "It was an incredible feeling (to get the green light from television channel France 2) and I am so glad it has gone so well."

Marie Dompnier Witnesses 2015
Looking ahead, the French actress is looking forward to Season 2 of drama Tunnel, "The series will be great. I had three days of shooting and it was a wonderful experience with the whole cast and crew."

She is also excited by her other projects, "I shot a movie in Paris, which is the adaptation of a French novel by Marcel Ayme called Le Passe Muraille." Christmas is set to be a busy period too, "I will be on stage in December at the Theatre de la Ville."

Marie Dompnier spoke to Telly Binge in September 2015. To find out more about Marie, visit IMDB.