Interview with WITNESSES star MARIE DOMPNIER, who appears as Sandra. She discusses working with Jan Hammenecker, the potential of Series 3 and other French TV series.


Witnesses is a French thriller of crime and secrets. The Second Season is available on DVD in January. Detective Sandra Winckler is assigned to investigate after 15 frozen dead bodies are found at a bus stop. They are all mysteriously link to Catherine Keemer, who has lost her memory.

Marie performs as Sandra, “The case focuses on a mysterious character, Catherine Keemer (Audrey Fleurot). Sandra’s personal circumstances have changed and the enquiry is more closely linked to her own personal life.”

“Sandra has had to deal with a lot of complex cases. This means she has had to stand up and face her own fears and problems. By the end of Season 2, this has changed both her personality and her as a detective.”


Sandra is partnered up with Justin, played by Jan Hammenecker. “We spent a long time on shoots together and became great friends. Working with him was really enjoyable.” Also appearing in Series 2 are Anne Benoit, Judith Henry and Steve Driesen.

There is yet to be any announcement surrounding the future of Witnesses, but Marie says her door remains open. “If there is a Season 3, the showrunner and director Herye Hadmar would like to shoot with the characters – but five or ten years older.”

“That would be the last season. I’ll be glad to do it!”

Witnesses is on the list of growing French shows appearing on UK television. It already includes Braquo (four Parisian detectives trying to clear an accused), Spiral (about the lawyers, judges and police officers at Palais de Justice) and The Returned (dead residents keep re-appearing).

So which French series could be next? “Le Bureau des Legendes, created by Eric Rochant - it is magnificently written, directed and acted. All the cast members are brilliant.”

Meanwhile Marie is planning for a busy 2018. “I’m shooting a series written and directed by Jean-Xavier Delestrade called Jeux d’Infulence. I’ll also be on stage in a show called Un Democrate in February.”


Telly Binge spoke to Marie Dompnier is December 2017, to find more about her visit IMDB.

WITNESSES – A FROZEN DEATH is released on DVD & Blu-ray from Monday 15th January by Arrow Films.