The latest adaptation of loved books Anne of Green Gables has arrived on Netflix. Simply called ANNE WITH AN E, the series aims to be balder than other attempts at LM Montgomery’s classics.


Actor LUCAS JADE ZUMANN says that it dives into the hard topics, “It does not shelter the audience from the more gritty aspects of that area. Moira Walley-Beckett (Creator of Anne with an E) adds a more honest grit to this adaptation.”

He continued, “Moira writes what is between the pages of Montgomery’s novel, allowing viewers to learn more about the characters.”

Featuring seven-episodes in total, Lucas says Moira has delved deeper, “She explores Anne’s happiness and the effects of the traumas she has endured.”


Zumann is the performer behind Gilbert Blythe, Anne’s rival at school. Most girls think he is very handsome. Despite their differences, Gilbert continuously has admiration for Anne, especially her unique and different personality.

Lucas adds, “He is a generally confident person, but does not get cocky about it. He appreciates Anne’s outspokenness. Gilbert’s family has a long history in Avonlea, but Gilbert has a lot of explorative ambitions.”

Anne with an E features a host of promising actors such as Amybeth McNulty, Aymeric Jett Montaz and Dalila Bela. You will also see cast members Corrine Koslo, Geraldine James and RH Thomson in main roles.

Meanwhile the Sinister and Thrill Ride actor says he enjoyed the set of 2016 film 20th Century Woman. “I had a great experience with all of the actors. I think that Annette Bening and I developed a very close Mother/Son relationship and I learned a lot from her.”

“As an actress, she is very good at exploring the scene, I don’t think there was a take that she did the same. It adds an aspect of honesty to her performance and I was really inspired by that. She is also a very interesting person and it was awesome talking to her on set.”

Whilst researching into Zumann, there was an article about his aim to be a meditation guide. We asked for more details - “I want to be helping people, I have had figures that inspired my interest in plant medicine and that practice studies of Buddhist meditation. I hope to share the quality of meditation and be able to provide sustainably grown plant medicine for those in need, because I want to aid people in an emotional, mental and physical healing.”


Moving into the future and the actor hopes to finish his own projects, “It is a film my friends and I are working on. I really love being behind the camera as a cinematographer, writer and director.”

Lucas Jade Zumann spoke to Telly Binge in May 2017. Anne with an E is currently available on Netflix. Get updates on Lucas by following his Twitter account.