A new host of quests and adventures on children’s show JAMILLAH AND ALADDIN has begun. Now appearing on CBeebies, CBBC from September 5 and available on iPlayer, it stars LEROY OSEI-BONSU.


Talking to Telly Binge, the actor (who is Genie) said a positive reaction to the first season was not a surprise. “I knew it would be a success due to the realistic world provided and detail in the characters.”

Jamillah and Aladdin is a modern retelling of the Aladdin tale, you will see adventure, comedy and magic. It promises to transport both adults and children, providing intrigue and mystery.


Leroy had previously said that the public reaction to the debut series had been exceptional. Why did it go so well? “It’s a story that everyone is fond of, both adults and children.”

So how difficult is it to change to an acting style which considers kids? “Children take more pleasure from visuals. I have to be the complete opposite of doing thing on a television drama by making it larger and bigger. I think myself as a cartoon character, rather than an actor but still keep in mind the same intentions as a professional actor.”

He works alongside Blossom Campbell (who acts as Jamillah). In 2015, Blossom described her character and self as smart, confident, who has a great sense of fun and adventure.

We asked Leroy how he was finding acting alongside her, “Working alongside Blossom and Wilson Radjou-Pujalte (Aladdin) allows me to just have fun. We have our moments of laughter and games, both on and off set. It helps us carry that relationship onto the screen.”

The show is set in Ancient Baghdad, “It was filmed on a deserted and widespread land. We came in and planted our sets, they sat perfectly for the scenery we were trying to project for the audience. We have tried to make it look real and detailed.”


What’s next for Leroy? “I shall be continuing to self-develop as an actor in my techniques and landing a variety of different roles. I will improve my DJ skills and most importantly continue to thank the lord.”

Leroy Osei-Bonsu was talking to Telly Binge in August 2016. You can watch Jamillah and Aladdin on CBeebies, catch up on iPlayer or it starts on CBBC from September 5.

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