Lee Boardman The Interceptor 2015


Lee Boardman is best known for his starring roles in Drop Dead Gorgeous, Coronation Street and voice of Road Wars. He has recently featured in The Interceptor and will soon appear in Christ the Lord.

In an exclusive to Telly Binge, we spoke to the actor about his roles within various media, what it was like to walk the famous Weatherfield cobbles and what the future may hold.

In June, BBC aired a drama series named The Interceptor. Lee said, "My character Xavier is a middle-ranking London gangster who's in charge of organising the foot soldiers and money laundering of this particular criminal enterprise."

We asked what made The Interceptor unique from other roles, "I had filmed in London many times but never seen these corners of the city that were our locations. The younger actors which the Director chose were incredibly real and represented a very current London."

Lee Boardman Coronation Street 2015

If you have missed the series so far, iPlayer still houses the original debut episodes. So why should you watch it? "The story is pieced together so carefully and really comes to a head at the series end. I literally couldn't wait for script to arrive."

Lee has plenty of positive things to say about The Interceptor's Director too, "I have wanted to work with Farren Blackburn for a while. He's a brilliant talent and is going to be a major movie director."

We then asked what Lee's proudest highlight has been so far, "Each job has moments that you wish you could bottle and you are constantly learning. I am always conscious of having a forward momentum and not looking back. I am so blessed to do this for a living and the true joy is in the doing rather than the reflecting on."

In the late 90s, Boardman joined the cast of Coronation Street as Jez Quigley, "I had such a great time. I met my wife on that gig, so it was an important time of my life. It used to get sixteen million viewers, so the level of fame was enormous and took some adjusting to."

He added, "It made me realise that I wanted to play many roles and not just stay with the one character. I loved my time there, but have never regretted asking to leave and for them to kill Jez off. At the time it was absolutely vital to keep moving forward."

So what’s next? In 2016 he is to appear in film Christ The Lord, "It is based on an Anne Rice novel, about Christ when he was seven and him coming to terms with his extraordinary powers. He and his family are being hunted down by a Roman death squad played by myself, Sean Bean, Clive Russell and Paul Ireland. We shot the film in Italy and it is being released on Good Friday in 2016."

Beyond that, the actor is filming in secret (due to contract rules), "What I can say is that I am in the process of filming a Sky One drama series and an epic network drama series until the Autumn." He is especially looking forward to the release of Monochrome, "I play a rogue police officer. It involved me hanging out a helicopter with no doors, 500 feet above Ilfracombe Bay in terrible weather and firing a huge rifle."

Lee Boardman Actor Tribe 2015

He is currently with project Actor Tribe, a drama academy which teaches actors of all ages and abilities. "We bring in professionals working at the top end of the business to teach in Taster classes. We have support from high profile actors, directors and writers such as Suranne Jones and Alfred Molina."

Lee Boardman was talking to Telly Binge in July 2015. To find out more about Actor Trible, please visit the website at actortribe.co.uk.