LAURA FRASER has appeared in shows such as Breaking Bad, Lip Service and One of Us. Her latest appearance in Season 2 of THE MISSING is now available to buy on DVD.


Speaking to Telly Binge, she says that The Missing’s debut in 2014 was impressive. “I loved the first season before joining the show. I thought the performances were beautiful and the story had me transfixed.”

Laura joined as Eve Stone and describes her as locked in emotionally, “She finds it hard to pick up on social cues and can appear insensitive. She can be quite dogmatic and doesn’t like things to be vague.”

She continued by saying her character particularly struggles to get along with Julian Baptiste (acted by Tcheky Karyo). “His open-mindedness irritates her as she likes things to be straightforward, no grey areas! He lives by a set of rules that she doesn’t understand and by the end of the penultimate episode she feels sorry for him as he seems so out at sea.”


Season Two was filmed throughout different time periods, “Everyone had to look physically different for each time period. So we shot the 2014 scenes in the first few months, then everyone went off and got their haircut, shaved, scars applied etc. Then we shot the 2016 stuff. It was easier for me as my character had a big pregnant belly and then she’s no longer pregnant by 2014!”

It did sometimes become challenging, “I was constantly referring to my chronology and extensive notes to try and keep track of where Eve was emotionally. It could be confusing!”

“It was a hard shoot because the subject matter was so dark and that had an effect on all of us, including the crew.”

Laura also starred as Juliet in BBC1 drama One of Us, which screened in September 2016. “It was more fun because the story wasn’t quite as dark! I loved working with Juliet Stephenson as she’s so alive and spontaneous. Steve Evets is very funny but also subtle and very moving. I also loved Isis Hainsworth, she was so natural and heartfelt.”

What’s next? “I am promoting an Indie film I shot in Minnesota, called I Am Not a Serial Killer. I just wrapped up another series called The Loch which is a six part show for ITV about another serial killer, Siobhan Finneran plays my superior officer and we had such a ball filming it together because she is hilarious!”


Laura Fraser was talking to Telly Binge in December 2016. Season 2 of The Missing is available now on DVD. For updates on Laura visit IMDb