Interview with L.A.’s Finest actor JOSHUA ALBA, “The writers have done a wonderful job of keeping the viewer wanting more.”

The TV drama (from the Bad Boys franchise) shows Sydney taking down a drug cartel in Miami. She is now an LAPD detective with Nancy, as they take on the most dangerous criminals in Los Angeles.


Talking to Telly Binge, Alba says L.A.’s Finest is on its own level. “It’s the first police drama to star two women of colour as the lead roles. It has never been done before, which makes the show special.”

“They are two well established, kick-ass women who have been in the industry since the 90s.”

Gabrielle Union recently said she wanted a show with complicated, layered, delicious and mysterious characters. Alba agrees, “Syd and Nancy’s characters easily portray those things. As the show progresses you discover things about both of their pasts what will keep you hooked.”

“The characters (Isabel, Dante, Nico, Warren, Joseph) who are a part of those pasts, and have their own share of complications and layers. This only adds to the depth and intrigue of the show. The writers have done a wonderful job of keeping the viewer wanting more.”


The series also stars Gabrielle Union, Jessica Alba, Duane Martin and Zach Gilford. It’s produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television and 2.0 Entertainment.

Joshua plays Nico, who is Nancy’s younger brother. “He is loyal, tough and very street savvy. He feels Nancy has left him behind, as she has moved on with her life and he struggles with that.”

“He has a past that has held him hostage, mentally and physically. One that is eventually used as leverage to go after Nancy and her new family.”

Rosa Perez was the mother of Nico and Nancy, but she had a vicious past. She carried out physical abuse to her two children and was a drunk. Though how close are the two siblings now? “Their relationship is complicated. They are not particular close, but it is a work in progress.”

“They love each other but after the situation with their mother, they went in two different directions. Nancy got her life together, whilst Nico kind of got stuck and didn’t really know how to cope with what had happened.”

Alba meanwhile says he really enjoyed working with the Executive Producer/Director (Anton Cropper). “He is just a good dude, easy to work with and have normal conversations with.”

“He allows actors to play freely within each scene with minimal restrictions. He likes to keep things as real as possible and I love that.”

“I enjoyed working with everyone on set. From the actors, writers to wardrobe etc – I didn’t have a single bad experience.”


He is now getting ready for some personal time. “The next six months will involve a lot of God and gym time.”

“I have some independent movie projects in the works and the second season of L.A.’s Finest to prepare for.”

L.A.’s Finest is airing every Wednesday at 9pm on FOX. The whole series will be available to watch on Now TV.