Interview with THE LONG ROAD HOME star JON BEAVERS. He talks about his character, the family sacrifice and how he prepared for the series.


Based on Martha Raddatz’s book, The Long Road Home (currently appearing on National Geographic) shows the heroes on the front-lines of the Iraq War during April 4 2004. The day would be known as Black Sunday, after the 1st Cavalry Division from Fort Hood was brutally ambushed.

Jon is Sargent Eric Bourquin, “He was secretly married and a young relatively inexperienced soldier. Eric had almost 6 years in the military at the time of the attack.”

“Though he had never seen combat until this extraordinary day. Luckily his extensive training, the cohesiveness of the unit and that X-Factor they call velour all kicked in. Eventually it contributed to the survival of most of the platoon against all the odds.” He added, “Eric is now a decorated battle veteran and a father of four beautiful kids.”


The ambush surprised everyone. “The soldiers performed extraordinarily considering the complexity of the ambush and their own lack of combat experience. All of the soldiers told me that as soon as the bullets started flying, they either could panic or let their training kick in.”

The actor read Raddatz’s book before appearing on the show, “It was an incredible jumping off point. It is very detailed and compelling.”

“In addition, a book called Black Knights and Dark Days by Matt Fisk was a profound submersion into the feeling and experience of the event.”

The series which also stars E.J. Bonilla, Darius Homayoun and Joey Luthman - follows both soldiers and their families. “I think we often overlook the contribution and sacrifice of the family unit. It’s as much a war back on the home-front whilst the soldier is on the battlefield.”

“The series looked at what that sacrifice is - nervous cups of coffee, impossible conversations with children about their absent parent and sleepless nights. Families sacrifice that sense of peace and rest. We owe a great debt to these individuals, and I think recognising that starts by taking a detailed look at their lives during a deployment.”

So why should you watch it? “We often forget that the cost of war is not paid by an organisation or political party. It’s paid by individuals. I really hope the audience want to see a glimpse at war through the eyes of those individual human begins.”


Jon will be keeping up with show members. “I plan to look for a tuxedo incase I get invited to watch our brilliant screenwriter, Mikko Alanne, collect his award for this incredible achievement. I’m also looking forward to Star Wars!”

Telly Binge spoke to Jon Beavers in December 2017. The Long Road Home is currently appearing on National Geographic. Follow Jon on Twitter for updates.

The Long Road Home, Tuesdays at 9pm on National Geographic