JOEY LUTHMAN INTERVIEW (The Long Road Home, Alexa and Katie)

JOEY LUTHMAN INTERVIEW (The Long Road Home, Alexa and Katie)

Interview with THE LONG ROAD HOME star JOEY LUTHMAN, who appears as Jonathan. He discusses show runner Mikko Alanne, bad storms throughout filming and new Netflix show Alexa and Katie.


National Geographic series The Long Road Home follows the heroes on the front-lines of the Iraq War during April 4 2004. It will show the brutal ambush on the 1st Cavalry Division from Fort Hood, a day forever known as Black Sunday. The series is based on Martha Raddatz’s book.

Luthman says the series reveals gut-wrenching truths about war, “This brings war down to earth, especially with the home stories (of the families waiting in Texas for news). War affects everyone involved, families and the deployed.”

“So many of us enjoy freedom and don’t understand what the military families go through to fight for that freedom. This story is very representative of what a lot of veterans have gone through and is told in a heartfelt way. It will be really eye opening for viewers.”

His character Jonathan is a young guy from Medford, Oregon. “This was his first active deployment, and just four days in they were ambushed. Jonathan represents the uncertainty of combat as a new soldier, caught off guard with not enough preparation or ammunition.”

“He transitions from an inexperience soldier – to a soldier who is forced to kill to protect himself. He realizes the deceit that the enemy is capable of. He comes to understand that the very people he was sent there to protect are working against them.”


In a previous interview with Telly Binge, actor Jon Beavers said The Long Road Home describes what sacrifice is. Joey agreed and added. “There were many sacrifices, mentally as well as physically.”

“Mikko Alanne (the show’s show runner) has said that by showing both the families and soldiers, you see the clear sacrifices that were made on the battlegrounds and on the Homefront. You will see concurrent scenes of families dealing with the news as it trickles in.”

“It will give viewers a better in-depth understanding of the military life, than most action-packed war stories do. This is what post-traumatic stress is all about.”

Joey recently revealed that there was a bad storm before filming - he said, “Shooting in Texas was an experience! For about the first month there were big thunderstorms. One night the storm from the previous day was so bad, it actually caused delays for shooting the next day.”

“The ground was saturated with water; they had to make bridges for us to get to different parts of the set. We walked over a bunch of wooden crates. It was challenging for the crew.”

“I hope The Long Road Home will help to move my career forward with more thoughtful and quality drama. I loved going to the set every day because it became home to me. Even though we didn’t live the actual war, it often felt like we were really there and in it ourselves.”


Meanwhile, the American actor will be in the upcoming Netflix sitcom Alexa and Katie. “It was such a fun show to be a part of! It is very funny and upbeat whilst keeping it real and down-to-earth.”

“I had most of my scenes with Paris Berelc and Isabel May, they were both super fun to work alongside.”

He has other plans. “I will finish up a movie I started early in 2017 with Cole Hauser, a feature film called The Last Champion which is co-written by Hallie Todd and directed by Glenn Withrow (release date of Spring/Summer 2018). I am a regular on The Astrid Clover Series which streams online – Allisyn Ashley Arm and Dylan Riley Snyder are the writers, creators and star.”

Telly Binge spoke to Joey Luthman in December 2017. Follow Joey on Twitter for updates.

The Long Road Home, Tuesdays at 9pm on National Geographic