Interview with TRUE HORROR creator JOEL WILSON. He talks about scaring viewers, researching supernatural events and upcoming Netflix series Sex Education.

The series which is airing on C4 aims to bring true horror stories to life. Each episode is unique, telling a story with dramatic testimonies from witnesses.


Joel, who is a Producer for Eleven Film says it will frighten you. “The film-makers (Amanda, Gareth, Rob and Tom) who authorised these four brilliant films, are very talented people with an incredibly strong grasp of their craft. They are terrifically affecting because they bring to life the internal struggle of the people involved.”

“Getting inside of the people at the heart of the film illuminates and intensifies the story – and consequently amplifies the power of the terrifying events we depict.”


Eleven Films were behind the BAFTA nominated series The Enfield Haunting. “After the success of Enfield, we spent a lot of time looking at other well documented supernatural events.”

“We had a team of brilliant researchers digging into every area of paranormal experiences in the United Kingdom – all the hidden little crevices and sunken places where these stories lurk. They unearthed a treasure trove of stories, we have got plenty more to tell.”

True Horror teamed up with a number of people such as Mark Chadbourn for Hellfire Farm. Wilson says everything was looked into, “We researched each film in huge depth and spoke to all of the people involved in each haunting.”

“We were lucky that in every case, almost all of the people closest to the experience were willing to talk with us. It was a huge privilege to hear their stories and bring them to life.”

Eleven will also release a Netflix drama called Sex Education in 2019. The show will apparently follow an awkward teenager, who lives with his Mother. His Mum is a sex therapist, and he quickly turns into an unwitting expert.

“We start shooting soon and can’t wait to get going. There will be some exciting announcements coming, so watch this space.”


Joel Wilson spoke to Telly Binge in May 2018. For updates, follow him on Twitter.

True Horror is currently airing on Channel 4 and is available watch online at All 4.

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