ITV1 recently launched a new transformation show called THIS TIME NEXT YEAR, which continues on Wednesday at 8PM. Its debut episode starred JODY POULTER who Telly Binge recently spoke to.


Jody had the ambition to become a competitive body builder so this show was a perfect opportunity. “Two years into training on a regular basis, my coach Lloyd Chivandire asked if I had ever considered being competitive.”

She explained, “He saw an inner mental strength in me. I think it was his way of drip feeding the goal into my mindset. A couple of months later, I had a picture in hand of Andreia Brazier and used it as inspiration.” Andreia is a known fitness model and has been a champion of WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) four times.


Poulter is a graphic designer from New Malden in London. So how did the adventure with This Time Next Year begin? “I sent a few emails in August 2015, had Skype and telephone calls to tell my journey before. It was mainly to access whether the challenge I was posing myself was inspirational and achievable with a healthy approach.”

“By September, I was at ITV studios on the set, sitting opposite Davina McCall (the host of This Time Next Year) and a live audience, telling everybody what I wanted to achieve. The challenge had begun.”

The show helps contestants in numerous ways, “They called weekly to check in, to talk and to explain the ups and downs. It means I was accountable every step. Knowing I would need to send a picture weekly was a method of knowing each week made a difference.”

The whole challenge for Jody began because she witnessed her fiancé fight back after a heart attack. She decided that life was too short.

It was never going to be easy though, “The biggest challenge was my own mind-set, keeping it positive and believing I could achieve it every single moment. You have to reflect, assess and truly believe that you have it in you.”

We wanted to find more about the show, so asked Jody how often she met fellow contestants. “I got to meet them backstage on two studio days, the day I pledged my challenge and a year later to reveal the outcome. Everybody was lovely, supporting each other and their achievements or struggles.


Viewers were left confused after McCall was wearing the same dress the year before and the year after. Poulter quickly squashed any ideas that the show was fake, “Davina didn’t know if we had been successful because she didn’t see any of us until we were on stage, so her reaction is very genuine.”

She added, “I am aware that I may hear negative feedback on my story, but I am excited with what I have achieved so far. The potential to develop myself even further is simply motivating me every day.”

Jody Poulter was talking to Telly Binge in November 2016. You can see her episode on The ITV Hub, follow Jody on Twitter or watch a new episode of This Time Next Year on Wednesday at 20:00.

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