Interview with BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT Semi-Finalist JESS ROBINSON. She discusses her BGT experiences, 2018 stand-up tour and performing in Little Voice.

The English comedian's voice was first heard on TV shows such as Dead Ringers, Headcases and Horrible Histories.

Robinson says she was the class clown, “I loved doing impressions of my teachers to make my friends laugh. I started off as an actress. When I was 20, I landed the lead role of Little Voice and had to learn singing impressions of Judy Garland, Edith Piaf and other classic divas. I loved it so much.”

“That led to me joining the team of the last two series of BBC’s Dead Ringers. That is where I broadened my range to impressions of TV personalities.”

BGT had spotted her, and a talent show journey was soon set. “They had approached me for the last four years and I had always said no. I wanted to grow my career the old fashioned way.”

“They were so persuasive this last time; I thought I’d give it a go. I felt after putting on my own shows and wanting to tour in a bigger scale, it was a wonderful platform to show a broader audience what I could do.”

Despite a solid performance, Jess was knocked out at the Semi-Finals of BGT. “I worked on my act very closely with the show’s producers and vocal coach. I was very collaborative and took their advice; it was changed up until the very last minute.”

“I have no regrets about doing Britain’s Got Talent. It brought me to the wider audience and I’m so excited about all my upcoming projects.”

Her performance included impressions of Adele, Alesha Dixon and Cheryl Cole, “The performance was such a short time. What you saw was a tiny part of my act - my full shows include more stand-up, banter, speaking impressions and mashups.”

Away from BGT, the London-born star says her favourite theatrical performance was Little Voice. “It was my second time playing that role, this time the show was directed by Jim Cartwright.”

“Beverley Callard played my Mum and Ray Quinn was my love interest. We had such a wonderful time touring the United Kingdom. We were like a proper family.”


In 2018, Robinson begins her tour Here Come the Girls. “My show takes you on a journey through musical mash-ups, serving up a fest of styles and genres like Beyonce, Judy Garland, Kate Bush and Sia. Expect some old favourites, fresh impressions, duets with dead celebrities. I am also going back to the Edinburgh Festival with a new show next Summer.”

Jess recently revealed in a separate interview that she would love to host a TV show. “I’d like to have a chat show one day - maybe with games, celebrities, sketches and songs. Like my live show, it would be huge fun, a bit cheeky and full of music.”

“I am involved in a new impressions show for ITV hosted by Alexander Armstrong – with performances by myself, Rory Bremner, Luke Kempner and Debra Stephenson.”

Telly Binge spoke to Jess Robinson in December 2017, visit her official website for tour updates.