Jamie Raven stunned the UK last year, after doing a variety of amazing magic performances and sets on Britain's Got Talent. He has a large national tour planned in June and July, with tickets still available at http://jamieraven.co.uk/tour.



Speaking to Telly Binge, he denied that negative press and scrutiny was a bad thing. “My job is to try and make the audience think. When you try to show somebody something that is apparently impossible, you have to expect that they will try to scrutinise or rationalise it.” He continued, “I never imagined that there would be so much, but this was a result of people being interested in what I was doing, which is the highest compliment you can be paid as a performer.”

What if he could go back and change his performance? “I don’t believe in doing things differently. I believe that you should do whatever you think is best at the moment you find yourself in. I put my heart and soul into hours of devising and practising routines.”

Magicians have never won BGT, but Jamie was very close to achieving that, “To finish top human is an honour that nobody can ever take away from me. It’s especially meaningful as it was the public watching that voted and for that, I will be forever grateful.”

When asked if he had been watching BGT this year, Jamie said that he was a big fan because it changed his life. “I loved Ruby Murray the operatic drag artist, so funny and an incredible voice. My favourite so far has been Ben Blaque (the crossbow sharpshooter), I performed eighty shows with him in The Illusionists over Christmas (which broke the box office record at the Shaftesbury for a limited engagement, becoming the most successful magic show in the history of the West End). He is so funny and one of the nicest people you will ever meet.”

BBC recently approached Raven to meet some football teams. “It was amazing to meet Premier League players. Leicester City went onto win the Premier League and Crystal Palace reached the FA Cup Final, it came about through the BBC’s Magic of the Cup. I was invited to entertain players, staff and fans at a team for every round.” He’s even getting ready for the FA Cup Final! “I was in Stockport filming some tricks with the FA Cup itself and I was allowed a photograph holding it. I wish there was a way I could show it to my ten-year old self, I would have been so excited!”

Raven has always inspired to perform at Las Vegas. “It is seen as the entertainment capital of the world. If you are invited to perform there, you know you have reached the pinnacle in terms of live performance. I am a performer who practises an art that is best witnesses live, in my opinion The West End (London), Broadway (New York) and Las Vegas are the pillars by which you measure success in the industry.”


This June and July sees the illusionist begin his tour. “It’s the most exciting part of my professional career so far because I will be taking my solo show around the country. Tickets are available from the theaters direct or at http://jamieraven.co.uk/tour.”

You’ll be in for a treat! “The show will feature every single style of music that is suitable for the whole family. There will be close-up style, interaction with audience members, some mind reading, grand illusions and even a section on technology based magic. I will be outside after every show to say hello to everybody that comes.”

So what’s coming up after the tour? “I am off to Abu Dhabi and Jersey to perform, hopefully will be back in the West End over Christmas. I am also in discussions regarding my own television programme.”

Jamie Raven was talking to Telly Binge in May 2016.