Known by a lot of TV fans, JAMIE GLOVER has vast TV experience including Waterloo Road. His most recent venture has seen him link up with AGATHA RAISIN. Sky1 first showed the comedy drama this year and in August it will be released on DVD.



Agatha Raisin appeared as a one-off Christmas Special in 2014, before being renewed for a complete series. Speaking to Telly Binge, Jamie says they achieved something special – “It went down very well. The tone of it seemed to hit a nerve and people really responded to it.”

Following the Christmas Special filming, there was a tense wait to see how the public responded. “The hope when we were doing the pilot was that it would always go to the series. Once the show aired and was well received, they let us know pretty quickly. My understanding is that they had already worked out which books they would tackle in the event of it going well.”

So why has the series been such a success? “This is because of MC Beaton’s characters, but also down to Ashley Jensen and how she acts as Agatha. She finds a way to keep the tone light and slightly heightened, while maintaining the stakes.”


Glover acts as James Lacey during Agatha Raisin and stated he did some research, but not everything was based on the novels. “I read some of the books, followed the scripts and my instincts. I think James is a great character, he takes time to reveal a lot about himself and he won’t unravel easily. He’s mostly easy going but also a little unbending and upright. I think he’s completely intrigued by Agatha, as she is his opposite.”

The actor says Agatha brings something different to his character’s life. “He might beat about the bus if he has something to say, but she comes straight to the point. He thinks he has his life sorted and then a tornado moves in next door! He has a strong sense of loyalty and his life in the army has given him a sense of friends as family. Once he is taking on board by Agatha, Roy and Gemma – he will defend them to the hilt.”

It does seem that James and Agatha have some unfinished business to contend with from their previous relationship. “As with a lot of successful romances in comedy and drama, the characters take their time to get into a romantic rhythm. When she is making the running, he is withdrawn or distracted, and vice versa. You get the feeling that this scenario could go on for a long time!”

Born in London, Jamie appeared over twenty times on Waterloo Road as Andrew Treneman. We asked what it was like working on the set, “It was an absolute blast and really exciting to be in a new series that was trying to say something about the difficulties and contradictions of the state school system.”

He worked among numerous actors during his time on the BBC drama, “I think we were lucky that there was real chemistry between Jason Merrells, Angie Griffin and me. We had a great time and there was a great deal of laughing! I have directed Jason in two players in the theatre and acted in a short film he directed, so we have remained very good friends. I don’t see Angie as often, but every time we see each other it’s like we never left Waterloo Road!” He added, “Everyone in the cast was brilliant and it was a joy from start to finish.”


What’s next? “There is a possibility of a play that I am going to direct and also maybe one to be in. There is also a chance of something for television. Most of all, I am hoping for more Agatha Raisin. I know everyone involved would do another series as we had such a great time. It seems to have gone down very well with the public, so fingers crossed.”

Jamie Glover was talking to Telly Binge in August 2016. Season 1 of Agatha Raisin is available to buy from Acorn DVD.