Interview with THE NAKED DIRECTOR actress JADE ALBANY PIETRANTONIO, “It’s an amazing true story about a man who revolutionized Japan’s adult video industry.”

The new Netflix comedy-drama series follows the stormy life of Toru Muranishi. He established himself as a porn director after losing his job and catching his wife having an affair.


Muranishi’s rise though wasn’t without issues. “One of the biggest setbacks was the time period and culture of Japan. It was a very conservative culture, so he was trying to break down all the barriers.”

“The Naked Director portrays his struggles and triumphs in a way that shows the humanity of people and how visionaries have to overcome a lot of boundaries.”

It is co-directed by Masaharu Take and is based on the novel Zenra Kantoku Muranishi Toru Den. The show stars Takayuki Yamada, Shinnosuke Mitsushima and Tetsuji Tamayama.

Jade plays Alison Mandy and says her character is a washed up American adult film star. “She’s fallen far from the life she envisioned for herself.”

“When she gets the call that Muranishi wants her, she thinks it is a quick ticket to being a big star again. However she quickly learns that Muranishi is just a man with delusions of grandeur."

So why should you watch it? “It is not porn, but rather about porn and an amazing true story about a man who revolutionized Japan’s adult video industry in the 1980s. It was extremely taboo and still is today in many regards.”

“Muranishi was also arrested in Hawaii by the FBI in 1986, at the height of the anti-Japanese sentiment in America. So it really traverses many topics.”

Meanwhile she admits to be a little thrown at first. “I wasn’t sure of the content and wanted to know more. Though I really trust my team of representatives to look out for me, before presenting materials to me that might be too risque or too outside of the box.”

“The producers told me all about the amazing true stories, cast members and that it was Netflix. I immediately saw that it was really about the incredible life story of Muranishi who was an anti-hero. I really wanted to be a part of it!”

“I enjoyed working with the entire cast and crew. Takayuki Yamada was an absolute pleasure to work with because he’s so talented! It was fun communicating and bonding through hand signals (due to the language barrier).

The actress who can be followed on Instagram and Twitter has been very busy doing other things. “I have just been cast in another series here in America as a recurring character.”

“I’m thinking about heading back to Australia for Christmas, after all December is the start of Summer in Oz.

Episodes of The Naked Director are available to watch on Netflix.