Making her co-presenting debut, IRINA AGGREY is hoping to impress on her first outing on brand new BBC1 Series STREET AUCTION (Weekdays at 11:00).


The ex-professional dancer has appeared in the theatre and commercials various times, though we look forward to seeing her latest leap. Street Auction follows a series of experts as they aim to raise surprise donations for neighbors in need or a deserving community spirited person.

She told Telly Binge what made these people special. “We had a team of researchers who uncovered great stories. They asked local communities such as social network groups, charities and the voluntary sector. This is where we found the people and credible stories start to unfold.”


So who did Aggrey enjoy helping the most? “Irene Crowther, our nominee from Llanidloes (Powys, Wales) was a true inspiration. Her attitude to life and helping others really struck an affinity, which showed throughout filming.”

Continuing about Irene, “She is proving doctors wrong constantly during her fight with cancer. Her sheer determination to battle this disease and still have time or energy to not only think of others, but help them is incredible.”

There is always a risk of being rumbled during surprises and this could have happened many times during Street Auction. “I would probably say the most critical time would have been on Reece and rummage day. It was like maneuvering around a minefield! I was carrying out a Reece in Rogiet, one of the nominees wasn’t at her address but her mother’s. Luckily we had been shown a picture of her. I already handed her the leaflet outlining the show, but the nominee should have got a slightly different one! So whilst keeping eye contact, I managed to take it back and swap it!”

So what did they receive? “In Llanidoloes, I knocked on one of the first houses which was pretty daunting. The girl was so sweet, she knew Irene’s story because they were informed about it at work. She wanted to give something, so she donated a beautiful rose paperweight which she cherished a lot because it was her 21st birthday present. How nice and thoughtful?”

Following Irina on Twitter, we always see her posts about music. “I love all genres, I am spoiled for choice by the quality in singers and production these days. I listen to Radio 2 because they get the balance just right. At the moment I like Kiss The Sky (Jason Derulo) and artist Shaun Escoffery, his rich tone of voice is beautiful and full of depth. My favourite band of all time is Queen, you cannot beat Freddie Mercury’s vocal talent.”


So what’s next? “I am proud to have been part of Street Auction, and am excited to see the reaction it receives. In November I am working with my producer for BBC Radio 2, Children in Need (my fourth year).  I absolutely love being apart of Chris Evan’s team, he raises so much money for charity!

Irina Aggrey was talking to Telly Binge in September 2016. You can watch Street Auction on BBC1 (Weekdays at 11:00) or catch up on iPlayer. To find more about Irina visit her official website.

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