Henry Gallagher won the hearts of a nation after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent performing his own song, Lightning in 2015. He has gone onto perform various gigs around the country.



Talking to Telly Binge, he said his audition was the best day of his life, “It was such a big moment. The crowd all stood up and the judges did too. They all said nice things and it was great to meet Ant and Dec, who were both really funny.”

During BGT, Henry told the judges that his song Lightning was about a girl he had a crush on. It’s been over a year since that moment, so has he finally asked them out? “I still haven’t asked! I have written some more songs for her and still think she’s lovely.”

People who appear on the show achieve a lot of media coverage, specifically Semi-Finalists and Finalists. Gallagher has been a prime example with a fan base of over 120,000 people, whilst currently being teamed up with Blue Body Management.

The teenager has been entertaining crowds throughout the UK since BGT, “My favourite venue has been The Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff with Lee Mead, because there were so many people and it was an uplifting event. I really love a big crowd, especially if they have banners for me!”

Has he seen any other contestants since? “I did a concert with Ella Shaw in Clitheroe, it was lovely to see her again and she lives quite near us. I’ve been to some Soccer 6 events, where I’ve bumped into Calum Scott and been in a team with George Sampson. I performed at concerts with Bars & Melody, Mr Zip and Alesha Dixon.”

Writing songs is a hidden talent many artists don’t share, but Henry is looking forward to publicize some of his in the future. “I’ve written some songs including Butterflies, Best Thing Ever, Time of my Life and Explode. I sing these at all my live shows and I am going to be releasing some of them soon!”


He has been able to spare some time to enjoy other things outside music, “I recently started doing acting and dancing too.” The teen watches some television, “Impractical Jokers really makes me laugh and I also love Miranda.”

So what’s next? “I have loads of gigs booked; you can check them out on my website. I will be adding songs on my YouTube channel and announcing any breaking news on Twitter.

Henry Gallagher was talking to Telly Binge in May 2016.