After already appearing in Nordic Noir shows such as Thicker Than Water and Arne Dahl, it was no surprise that HENRIK NORLEN was picked to star in MODUS. The series aired in the UK on BBC4 and has been released on DVD.


He is mostly known for appearing in Swedish series Skeppsholmen. The drama handed him forty episodes as Johan Eldh.

In his most recent venture, Henrik was approached by the team of thriller Modus to star as Ingvar Nyman. Speaking to Telly Binge he said the plot was interesting. “The script was more than a regular crime story. There are so many well-written characters and it was more of a thriller.”

In another interview, Henrik said that his entire lifestyle had to be altered for his character. The actor stated to us that he enjoyed doing it regardless, “I had to work out a little bit and it felt good to lose a few pounds. When I work out my brain works better, so it helped me with the preparation for the part.”


Modus was created for TV4 before moving to BBC4 in November 2016. It follows Inger Johanne Vik, a criminal psychologist whose daughter is a witness to a murder. Inger works with the police to assist their crime investigation, but soon it appears that they are chasing a serial killer.

Meanwhile his character Ingvar Nyman is Chief Inspector of the Police. Two years ago Ingvar lost his 7-year-old daughter, it caused many issues with his ex-wife and now he lives alone.

Vik’s daughter is autistic, and Norlen prepared by researching about the disability for the series. “I knew about it because I watched some documentaries and we talked a lot about it.”

If you didn’t know, Autism affects how somebody may see the world and talk to others. Many TV shows have featured characters with the autistic spectrum including fellow BBC show The A Word.

An announcement has already been published about the second series of Modus, and Henrik says it looks awesome. “You can expect something special. The script is fantastic! We start filming in January and I am very excited to start it.”


Henrik Norlen was talking to Telly Binge in December 2016. Season 1 of Modus is available now on DVD. You can keep updated on Henrik by following him on Twitter.

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